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Thinking of starting my 2nd whole 30, but worried...


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Hi Everyone,


I'm in a dilemma with myself. I completed a whole 30 last year around this time. I finally was able to lose weight and get cravings under control, felt like maybe I had found a way to eat that would make me HEALTHIER every year, but by the end, I started getting really bratty. As in, I was all about "I CAN'T have this!" and "I CAN'T have that. Why can other people eat that but not me?" "It's not fair!! Why do I have to do this??" WAH WAH WAH.


Anyway, my poisoned victim-y mind turned against me when Whole 30 was over. I skipped the reintroductory phase. I went completely 180, regained all of the weight I lost and then an extra 10 in the last year. My eating habits went down the tube. In other words, major backfire.  :unsure:


I want to do the Whole 30 again for so many reasons (getting back off the SAD diet again, sugar dragon, finding balance with food, weight loss, sticking to better nutrition after), but I'm worried that I will turn into this annoying person again and sabotage myself afterwards. Has anyone else gone through this a second time with a better outcome? Any tips for maintaining a better outlook?


I want to fix this unhealthy relationship with food...

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There are no guarantees, all you can do is keep trying. Rather than thinking "I can't have this or that" try to take on the attitude of "I can eat anything I want. I'm choosing not to right now." I would be surprised if there were very many people who could do a single whole30 and have a "perfect" diet and relationship with food forever. The fact that you want to fix your unhealthy relationship with food is key. All any of us can do is keep trying. Keep us posted on how things go- I know I'm not the only one cheering you on!

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 Any tips for maintaining a better outlook?


I had to continually search the forum for answers to my questions.  I had no idea what a reintroduction was..though I'd read that chapter over and over in my book.  I started to observe patterns of those who thought it wasn't worth the time.  I noted that many reverted back into their old familiar food habits on Day 31.  They didn't stop until rebound weight gain and cravings came roaring back.   Then another Whole 30 and restart.   There were those who did this several times before they decided it was time for some real changes.


I observed the angst.  I decided that a Slow Roll Reintro phase was definitely worth it.  It buys you time to find your sea legs and create that positive strategy going forward.   Doing what we've always done will get us what we've always gotten.


A Reintroduction Phase is the buffer zone between our past and our future.  It's the time for renewal, reassessment and a reassertion of our goals.   I was willing to plumb the depths of my soul for answers.   Theoretically, I'd love to know the why, why, why do certain foods make people crazy pants.   Who wouldn't like to unlock all of the mysteries for developing a good relationship with food and a better outlook.


While the why would be nice to have,  I've found my time is better spent on dealing with the present than the past.  If someone here has uncovered their secret keys for what makes them tick...did it change everything for you then?


We are all a work in progress and not perfection.


Go ahead and restart another Whole 30.   Let it be very consistent and gentle.   The old axiom of when we find something that works...just do it until we drive it and ourselves right into the ground,  that's not the answer either.


There is a Whole 30 Zone.    Oh Bliss,   oh joy,   oh happiness found.  It's a peaceful easy feeling similar to releasing endorphins.   I have found that pocket when I stay true to template portions of protein,  vegetables and good dietary fats.


Those three food groups keep me limber and in decent working order.  So that's the goal...overall health and well being. I'm in love with the protein portion the size of my hand and 3 cups of roasted vegetables at every meal.  It's personal.   I look forward to them.   They give me strength to carry on and keep making good decisions....meal by meal, mile by mile and day by day.

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