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Burger Bar Chicago - YAY!

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I was out all afternoon yesterday and realized I'd have to eat dinner out.  I was near Burger Bar (1578 N. CLYBOURN) and figured that it was hipster/gastropub enough that I wouldn't feel bad about a fussy order.  


Imagine my surprise when I saw the Burger Bar Salad: (greens, avocado, red peppers, onions, tomatoes + cucumbers; choose a beef, turkey or chicken burger; choice of dressing; $12)  When I ordered, the server even double-checked that everything listed was ok.  I got the oregano vinaigrette dressing - she assured me it was very simple red wine vinegar and olive oil based.  I even had the option to upgrade to a grass fed patty.


The presentation made it even better.  A giant salad bowl full of colorful ingredients.  The burger on top and a sliced, fanned avocado half.  (The last time I asked for a bunless burger over a salad, it was served in such a way as to make it seem awkward and compromis-y and unappealing.)  This felt like a treat.


Okay.  Commercial over.  I was just really excited about this.  

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