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2nd whole 30 complete with pics (view at your own risk ;) )


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Hi all

So today is day 31 of my second whole 30 and I have to say it was a really different experience then the first round. I finished my first whole 30 ( more like whole 45 with a cheat in the centre) in September but then didn't follow a reintroduction plan (big mistake) and went back to horrible eating. Here I am again but I'm in it for the long haul now so I'm viewing today's results as just my beginning.

First off : things I noticed that were different from round 1

Easier to think up meals

Didn't get bored as quickly with the food

Was able to view food as stuff I can have instead if all the things I can't have

Less great differences (I'm totally happy with my results - just observations)

Results less dramatic. Last time hubby lost 20 lbs which really wow'd us. Still great this time at 12 lbs he lost but not as dramatic.

I didn't get the same "skinny" feeling at week 3

Last time I really noticed my body was processing things better - way healthier bathroom habits. This time not so much. Things didn't really ever level out to a healthy routine.

My results this time

10 lbs down

Lost 1.25" off my hips, 1.75" off my natural waist, and 5.25" off waist at my belly button line! (All that bloat and inflammation). For a total of 8.25 " overall.

More consistent and higher energy. I have mild hypoglycaemia so it used to be that if I didn't eat right in schedule, I'd be a total zombie. Now I find my energy and blood sugar levels stay way more consistent which is great news for me (and anyone trying to avoid 'hangry' me ;) )

Wakeful immediately when I get up. Hubby started a new job that has us up at 5 am and normally I would be groggy for a few hours. Now the second my alarm goes off, I'm fully awake.

Like last time, it seems it's not until the last week that my body finally catches up and gets what's going on. That's when I start noticing the more dramatic changes. So I don't want to lose that momentum! I think I may try a few reuntrodiction foods just to understand reactions and then head straight into paleo for awhile and kick up my exercise.

All in all, I'm happy which the results. Now for the pics. I warn everyone - it ain't pretty cause I still have a long way to go!! But I got motivation from looking at other peoples pics so I'm posting incase it helps someone else. I think the side shot really shows how much bloat I lost. (Sorry for the crappy lighting). I'm hoping that in 4 or 6 or 12 months I have a new great fit pic of myself to add to the end of this line and these shots will be just my interim pics. That's my new goal. :)


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Actually the pictures are amazing (and a good example of why it's so good to have photos and measurements). Ten-pound loss is lovely (if that's the right direction for you, obviously), but those photos show a much more dramatic difference - wow. 

Also thanks for the notes about your first W30 and second one! I'm contemplating my second one so it's good for me to see that right now.

Congratulations, Leigh!

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