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1st Whole30 DONE! and beyond...


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I completed my first Whole30 and was completely compliant with my food. I only cheated by getting on the scale a few times. 


I sleep better.

I have more energy.

I do not crash at 3pm.

I do not feel the need to snack.

I am never hungry until it's time to eat and then I eat delicious food until I am full. 

I am learning how to cook.

I am enjoying new foods.

I have new pots and pans.

I have recipe books.

I feel way more positive.

The dry patch of skin above my lip is getting smaller.

My eyes look brighter.

My dark circles seem to be lightening.

My teeth appear a bit whiter.

I lost 9.5lbs.

I lost 2.5 inches off of my waist.

I lost 2 inches off of my hips.

I can see and feel the difference!


I'm not going to do any sort of planned reintroduction other than the slow roll. This is based on the fact that I didn't really miss anything that I did without, other than my morning coffee in the office. I don't drink coffee anywhere else or any other time. And if I see that it impacts my energy levels then I'll just work on not missing it and cut it out. I found a creamer without any added crap and I'm using that. So, today I reintroduced dairy!


I am so excited and I am busting to convince everyone I care about to do this, too, but I know that's not going to work. So I'm just going to continue to talk about how good I feel and hope people get curious on their own and ask me questions!

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Since I had creamer in my coffee yesterday I thought I'd try a bit more dairy once I was home from work and had a small milkshake (I mix my ice cream w/milk and call it a milkshake). 


This morning I woke up feeling phlegmy. That may be because of the dairy. So, now I'll just do creamer in my coffee and no more dairy tonight to see how I feel tomorrow morning. 


Outside of that, most of my food was still within the Whole30 guidelines. I did have a bit of tarragon aioli on my lamb, though. Delicious!!


My stomach wound up feeling upset most of the morning and I suspect it was due to having too much creamer in my coffee and not, simply, because I had creamer. I shall test that out in the morning IF my belly has calmed down. If not, I will refrain from dairy for a few more days. 


For lunch I had my chocolate chili on top of a baked sweet potato instead of going for something with creamy rice involved. My lunch wound up being better knowing that I was making the right, healthy choice. 


I was way weak at the gym but I pushed through. 


Dinner was another baked sweet potato and chili. 

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Today I reintroduced grains. W/gluten and w/out. I had a pork chile verde burrito in a wheat tortilla and rice. I tried the black beans but they weren't special so I quit eating them. No cheese. At a local restaurant, not a chain. It was delicious! Now I wait to see if I have any ill effects. 


Lunch felt heavy in my belly but I, overall, suffered no ill effects. 

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Right now I'm of the belief that too much dairy is causing me a few issues. I'm going to stick with just the creamer in my coffee and no other dairy for a few days and see how that goes. Then I'll not have creamer or coffee for a few days and see if there's a difference. 

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So far it seems that the only food that really upsets my stomach is ice cream. Which is a wee bit of a bummer but not overly so. I'm maintaining a mostly Whole30 type diet this week, with the exception of the bag of Doritos I ate last night as if it was my job. I'm gonna say that was my body craving sodium. :) 


Overall, my way of eating seems to have changed. I did fall victim to my PMS cravings, however, and bought Oreo type cookies at Whole Foods. The only upside is that they were natural ingredients instead of fake and once I realized I was eating them like a lunatic I took them to the office so they'd not be in my house. 

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I'm down to 149.6 now!!! WOOOO!!!


I'm eating 90% Whole30 compliant since finishing and my stomach seems to have calmed down, which is great. I'm not sleeping as well, though. Which is a bummer. 


But being able to not stress out if I decide to have a snack here or there, instead of everywhere, because my diet is now a healthy one, is fantastic!

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