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Day 1: April 28th


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Hello Fellow Whole30ers,


I am a teacher, daughter, friend, traveler, coffee addict and whole food junkie. In joining the Whole30, I am hoping to challenge myself to eat a wider variety of vegetables, to slow down to eat meals intentionally, and change my attitude towards food and exercise. In the past, I have been the 200-calorie-fly-by-every-2-hours type of person... which generally consisted of rice cakes, greek yogurt, frozen fruit and quick pre-packaged salads from local health food stores. While, this type of diet helped me maintain a healthy weight, continue to be injury free and relatively energized, I found myself constantly having to fight cravings and count calories. Running became a chore, not a hobby, as it had been may years ago. I would really like to change my attitude towards food and sport, in the next 30 days, towards renewing a sense of relaxation and fulfillment found in cooking and running.


I am the most anxious about craving nuts and nut butters too often, something that I have been known to do in the past and have generally subsided with low-fat dairy products (which are, as you all know, not allowed). So, we shall see how creative I can be and hopefully with a more well-rounded diet, any tough cravings will become non-existent.


All recipe ideas are welcome...



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