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7-day meal plan shopping list


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Thank you for asking this.....  I expected a list of everything I needed for week one. I am so bummed that it is not there. I looked all over trying to find it. I wish there was a list for week one! I would have really been grateful to have that. Now I need to look at all the week one recipes and figure out what I need. BUMMER. 

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Going to be announced in the bi-weekly newletter. In the last one, they said it is a top priority. I'm starting my 2nd Whole 30 on Monday. Guess I'll wait to do their week 1 plan until the list comes out and just put together my own in the meantime. (Why do their work?)  I am looking forward to trying out ALL the recipes in the new book. Sort of a Julie and Julia adventure without the huge 1 year committment!

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I think what the authors are trying to do is make you think for yourself on the meal planning and shopping.  That way when you are done with the challenge you don't to back to your old eating and shopping habits.  It's really challenging for me (I'm only on day 8) and shopping takes more than twice as long, but my meals are so much more satisfying in the end.  

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I was beyond overwhelmed with the meal planning and what to make when and how... I'm not a cook. I am still learning how but I'm also learning to love it. So today I sat down and planned out my meals for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (I'm starting my whole 30 on Monday the 1st) and I also cleaned out all of the pantry and fridge to make room for the healthy stuff. Tomorrow it's shopping and then next cooking for the week. I'll probably have to go shopping a lil bit more on Wed and cook a lil bit Wed night but we'll see. I'm feeling better! More prepared! :)

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Ugh...I was looking for the same thing and spent AGES browsing the website in hopes of finding the elusive shopping list.  I'm cook regularly and use an online recipe/shopping list manager...it's been awhile since I've had to sit down and go through each meal individually and tally it all up to get a shopping list.  Wish there was an electronic version of the recipes.  


Thanks for the help!

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I've made my own meal plans which I can share. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and mini meals for a week. If its not in the fridge and I'm not planning on making it, dinner is less likely to be as satisfying and carefree.

I'll come up with mine tomorrow and Saturday and let you know.

Also, if you want a rough idea, this is what to do with less structured meal planning which is where I am moving toward. My meal plan is more like a guideline. I use trello to plan and save recipes. I can make my trello public read only if it helps.

remember the meal template. This is what you should buy at the grocery store or plan on having on hand each week:

3/4 lb - 1 1/3 lb of protien for each day

4-6 cups of vegetables each day

1-2 handful size portions of fruit per day

Enough fat to accompany each meal. Vary it with coconut milk, olives, avocado, ghee, and nuts as a last ditch effort.

You don't need to plan out exactly what to buy. Make sure to stock your spice cabinet and with this guideline you can make any meal you desire.

Also your freezer is your friend when it comes to protien. Usually I plan on eating produce fresh and freezing all the meat I don't plan on eating within the first few days after shopping. Then every day I decide what I will defrost 24 hours in advance in the fridge, pairing it with whatever veggies I have on hand.

I need mini.meals, so I haven't gotten that down, but this should cover you for 3 meals. I usually cook up a working weeks worth of breakfast with protien and veg and have fresh coffee with coconut milk every day as well as fruit for breakfast to meet the meal template. I often make egg muffins and some potato hash with mixed meats, vegs, and spices.

For lunch, I usually just double my portion of dinner and eat that. So when you buy a specific meat or veg, buy double the portion of that, so you have enough for 2 meals even though you cook once.

Make sure you have backup plans in case your dinner can't be doubled. If you can tripple a meal, freeze the last portions and defrost them 24 hours in advance in the fridge or pop them straight into the oven if they are in oven safe containers for quick and easy dinners and lunches.

Make sure to have frozen shrimp as that takes a short time to defrost and can really help if you're at a loss for a meal and didn't have time to properly defrost.

Make sure to have ready to eat protien, carb, and fat so if you must snack you follow the general recommendation

Finally, if you haven't used all your produce by the end of the week, try to incorporate them with a meal you come up with on the fly and combine with a defrosted meat

This is totally possible especially if you evaluate what you have and what you may be desiring only the night before!!

Remember. The key to success is not complex recipes or meticulously planned out meals. It's "common sense" based off of your research. I usually find recipes I want to try but know sometimes I don't have the patience or time to follow them to a tee and do my weekly plan. If I use my common sense, follow the recommended portioning and making sure I have enough, I just buy whatever looks good and is available at the store. I have a general idea of what I should pick up specifically for a few meals I have chosen in the week. But sometimes they don't have everything you want. You need to improvise.

I've not been doing whole 30 for awhile but I taught myself this general method beforehand. I used to make meal plans and followed the following template for weekly plans: 1-2 stir fry. 1-2 salads. 1-2 slow cooker meals. 1-2 make ahead meals (freeze extra portions for future). 1-2 different cuisines in the world. 1-2 core recipes. 1-2 new recipes. As you can see a single meal can span multiple categories.

Don't use the same category of meat more than 2-3 times a week (for dinners). Mix it up between beef, pork, chicken, seafood, and whatever other animals you enjoy eating.

Have a list of core recipes you have memorized. When at a lost for what meal to make a specific day, choose a core recipe.

Use this to make a rough meal plan. Then go through and make sure your shopping list includes all of those items you need. Even specialty ones. I use my trello board to expedite this. I list the ingredients in cards for each day I was able to come up with a meal. I check off ingredients I have or have added to the shopping list. In the shopping list I include the minimum amount of the item I wish to buy. I do math and for any day I don't have a meal planned, I pick up enough protien and produce at the store to fill that void, based on what looks good at the store that day.

Finally realize meal planning every week and following recipes every day isn't entirely sustainable

You need to be prepared to be UNprepared

But if you're able to plan, go for it. Just realize you might not be desiring what you planned for a specific day. Be flexible enough to come up with something different on the fly.

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What we need is a Whole30 app! Clickable shopping lists for 3 days, 7 days. Meal plans that we can customise if there are allergies (egg-free, for example). A way to interact on the Forum via the app. I'm sure this must be in the planning!

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What we need is a Whole30 app! Clickable shopping lists for 3 days, 7 days. Meal plans that we can customise if there are allergies (egg-free, for example). A way to interact on the Forum via the app. I'm sure this must be in the planning!


That sounds like a wonderful idea!


In the meantime, I usually buy the same things week to week at the grocery store:


-enough greens and kale/spinach for 3c salads for every day at work

-1-3lb asparagus or green beans or broccolini (whichever is more in season and/or less expensive)

-1-1-2lb salmon filet

-1-2 dozen eggs

-1-2lb basa or tilapia or catfish or flounder filet

-1-2lb cut up peeled butternut squash

-1-3lb sweet potatoes or yama yama or purple yams

-1-2 jars or cans of artichoke hearts

-1-2 jars or cans of hearts of palm

-1-2 jars of green Tunisian brines olives

-3 cans black olives

-1-3 cans coconut milk/cream

-1lb slivered or shaved almonds, toasted unsalted

-1-2lbs apples

-1-2lbs seasonal berries

-1 English seedless cucumber

-1-3lbs zucchini


Hmmm... not sure if I missed anything, but that's the basic list I've been following for the last two weeks or so. I wonder how it will change over the next three weeks being on plan.

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