How to use the meal template post whole30 with non-compliant foods


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Hi!  I am currently on day 25 of my whole30 and I am wondering how to incorporate non-compliant foods into my diet after my reintroductions.  I would like to continue to use the meal template, specifically, I'm wondering how dairy products and beans would be counted when making a meal.  I'm thinking dairy would equal the thumb sized serving of fat?  And beans would be a protein?  Or would dairy count as my protein? 


Thank you!

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Beans are primarily carbs with fiber, they are legumes.  Beans have a very low amount of protein.


Whatever portions you choose after a Whole 30 will be your decision.   Any counting or measuring will be left up to you, too. After a Whole 30, you can eat anything in any amount you want to.


On a Whole 30, there is no counting of points or calories, no measuring or weighing of foods, no macros, micros.   You can carry that forward with you, too.   

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There aren't hard and fast rules on this that we can officially offer. You'll have to figure out what works best for you--and that may shift and change given your context as it shifts and changes.


I occasionally eat lentils or mung beans or rice (because I know they're OK for me in small amounts every now and then because I did careful reintroductions) and I think of them as starches, almost like I think of root veggies. So, when I eat them I still include fat, animal protein, and non-starchy veggies in my meal, because, like you, I think the elegance and effectiveness of the template is the way to go.


But that's what works for me. I can't answer your questions about dairy or other things because I rarely, if ever, eat them.

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