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End of Whole30 illness


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i'm not sure this belongs in troubleshooting, but it seemed like the best fit.

i finished my whole30 2 days ago and have stuck to the plan since then. for the last 10 days of my whole 30, i was super sick. like, nasty sick. my kids got cold viruses which i caught...badly. then it morphed into a major sinus and double ear infection complete with fever, chills and night sweats. in the middle of that, i had a double-case of nasty conjunctivitis. my eyes were disgusting and crusting over. then last night i starting having to pee every few minutes, but nothing came out, and when it did there was a little blood - BLADDER INFECTION!

i've had colds and sinus infections before (though this was the worst in years), but i've never had conjunctivitis or a UTI. i know both can be common, but the timing feels so strange to me. any ideas about whether or not this is whole30 related in any way (like a really bizarre detox?)?

anyhoo, i tried to tough it out on all accounts with the ailments but have meds now. two small kids = little rest for the weary.



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Sorry you had to go through that, Jen! I remember something about being more prone to catching colds the first month since your body is spending a LOT of energy on repairs. You should be stronger than ever once you get those infections out of your system and your gut heals! It's funny, though. I had the beginnings of a UTI when I first started and it seemed like it came on for no reason. I treated it, though, and it went away. After that, people have gotten colds around me and I'm healthy as a horse.

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