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Day 6 - I have wrist bones again !!!!


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  I have wrist bones showing again !!!  The food / poison I was eating had me so bloated I haven't seen those bones in years. After 5 full days, last night on the way home, I looked down and my hands looked different. I realized it was my wrist bones showing lol ! I can't believe my body is changing right before my eyes and its been so simple, stop eating junk. I know its a little thing but its huge to me. I am so happy I started the Whole 30 !

  Yes its tough and no I have not worked it 100% but I have ate no junk food all week. Only water to drink, my splurge today was an unsweet tea from Sonic. I have used canned veggies a couple of times which I consider cheating, but the major thing is I haven't seen any of my regular drive through foods. And yes, Blue Bells ice cream issues has been a blessing to me.


I got this !!!! 





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