Ok, clearly I need the accountability of this thread. Day 1. Again.


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I've done two successful Whole30s, one of which was a Whole55 last Spring, but recently keep screwing myself up in my attempts. I thought last week was going to be week 1 but I made intentionally bad choices because I'm human. Soooo, today is Day 1. Again.  (I like the clean-ness of a May 1 start date.  :) ) 


It's so frustrating that we as humans KNOW how good this is for us but our silly brains talk us out of it sometimes. I'm determined to finish it this time because it really does WORK for me. I feel happier, not bloated, not grumpy. I KNOW it's awesome but I've been letting stress-eating get in my way lately. 


I realized I have to do this one without any fruit at all. It sets off my sugar dragon big time and is what led me to then make poor choices later that day. I had a few oranges at night one night last week because I had a sore throat and within an hour I was convincing myself that May 1 was a better start date ... ahem.   :rolleyes: So no fruit for May and I should be able to actually stick to it. Fruit is a food with no breaks for me with the double whammy of setting off sugar cravings for junk food. 


Meal 1 today was a yummy Thai Eggplant dish I made, served over cauli rice. It had plenty of steak in it, bell peppers, onions, eggplant, and spinach, plus plenty of ghee as well to round out the fat. It's filling without being bloating and should do me right for day 1. :) 

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Day 4 here and doing fairly well. Over the weekend I didn't stick to the template very well, in that I snacked on some carrots yesterday. All of my meals have been totally template though. I know I need to (and fully intend to) break my snacking habit. I also had some fruit yesterday, which I had wanted not to do, but I'm not buying anymore so will do the rest of the month fruit-free. If memory serves, it usually takes me a few days to settle into the "3 meals/no snacks" routine so I'm not beating myself up but fully intend to be successful at that today. 

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