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Day 3 Issues Help!

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Ok, here's what I posted in my log for yesterday:


Day 1 went fine. No issues, no hunger.


I felt good when I woke up this morning


I really enjoyed the breakfast I cooked up yesterday, so I cooked it up again today: a couple eggs scrambled in ghee, with the organic cooked hamburger, fresh spinach, and some organic gala apple chunks. And black coffee.


Then I went and swam a mile. I am a swimmer. I usually swim two to three miles a week.


Lunch was interesting because it was my Kiwanis meeting day. I checked out what was offered and only ate the fresh salad. I verified first that the oil and vinegar was prepared there and had no added sugar. I had eaten an orange before I went to the meeting in case there wasn't anything I could eat. But, I didn't have a chance to eat any protein until about 3 pm when I was able to get some chicken. Not the best choice for the way to eat lunch, but I didn't cheat, so it worked out.


Dinner was delicious! I sauteed chicken in ghee with red pepper, sugar peas, green olives and sunflower seeds, and had a sweet potato.


Day two was a good day.


I drank coffee and water throughout the day.




For breakfast I cooked up a couple eggs with some ground beef and ghee. Had a pear and coffee. Felt bloated.


Had a doctor's appointment where I had several bouts of diarrhea this morning.


For lunch I made up a spinach salad with carrots, tomatoes, green olives, walnuts, sunflower seeds, raspberries, blueberries, coconut, and oil and vinegar. It took me about 2.5 hours to eat my salad because I was at work and was very busy. I was also drinking coconut water.


Came home from work and have had diarrhea several times since I've been home. Had a banana hoping that would help the situation. Haven't eaten dinner yet.

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A few things that cause loose stools: coconut water (and other coconut products) and spinach (and other greens).  Especially if you are eating them in quantiles larger than you are used to.  


Since you are only on Day 2 and it sounds like you've experienced quite a few instances of this already today, I would almost suggest that you have a stomach bug?  Is that possible?

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I'm on Day 3. I'm not used to coconut water at all. But didn't drink that until lunch time. I'm used to eating spinach. Have eaten that a lot  always. 


I don't know about a stomach bug. I feel fine. Just bloated.

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Take an over the counter diarrhea medication immediately. Once diarrhea starts, it can take forever to stop without some help. 


Your problem may have started on day 2 when you ate salad at an event. Maybe it was tainted. Maybe not, but it is something to consider. Then later in the day your dinner included sunflower seeds. Nuts and seeds often cause trouble. You had more nuts and seeds at lunch on day 3. 


High volumes of greens can be a problem. Raw veggies tend to cause more trouble than cooked. Nuts and seeds are often a problem. Try shifting to cooked veggies and make sure you eat some starchy veggies every day and see how things go. 

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