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How does HRT affect weight loss


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Lots of people seem to report that HRT causes weight gain, but I'm not sure how it works with whole30, but I'd say that anyone losing weight will hit plateaus every now & then. If it's worked thus far I'd stick with it and eventually the weight will start to come off again - IF you've weight to lose. Is it possible you've reached your 'natural' weight? Women tend to hold on to a little more than we'd like - especially around the abdomen - to protect our reproductive organs & prolong our reproducing abilities.

Rapid weight loss has a tendency to cause rebound weight gain - slow & steady wins the race.

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What form of hrt are you on - bio identical or synthetic? If you're on bio identical, is your doctor testing your hormone levels to dose you properly, or are you getting a 1 size fits all dose?

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Non synthetic hormones are bio identical because they are an exact copy of what your body makes. Bio identical is much better because your body doesn't have to convert them into what you need. Is that what you're on?

The dose is just as important. If you're not dosing based on what your body actually needs, too much or too little of any hormone can contribute to weight gain and other side effects. If your doctor isn't monitoring your hormone levels and adjusting as needed, they are doing you a disservice. It's hard to find a doc that understands hormones well enough to make those adjustments, so if your current doc doesn't know better, you might want to consider another one.

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