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Pre/Post workout meals - required?


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Hello :)


I now have the following routine set and I will not be able increase my workout load for a long time - no more tris, no more long distance events:


30min of very light physio exercises every morning

5x30min walk-run per week

2x90min light pilates per week.


I only exercise in the mornings before work. Do I need to bother with pre/post workout meals?


I eat a full breakfast on the days before pilates, after my physio. I eat breakfast after my run. The only thing I have before my run is a black coffee with coconut oil. If required I could also eat a hard boiled egg with my coffee.

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Guest Andria

Your exercise look fairly light to moderate that you may be fine without pre or post workout meals.  You may need to experiment with how you feel, however.


So on the days you do physio or run you are not eating anything beforehand?  The goal is to eat something *within* 1 hour of waking so if eating after your exercise on those days puts you outside that window, you may want to have a hard-boiled egg beforehand.  Other than that, I think eating breakfast after the run and pilates is sufficient without a post workout meal.

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