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43 Year Old Cancer Survivor


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Last November I was diagnosed with colon cancer and by December I was having surgery. Thankfully my great doctors were able to remove the tumor, and they did it right before it was able to spread to other organs. The bad news is that I gained a bunch of fat and lost a lot of muscle during the last few months.  


My whole life struggled with my weight, and now at 43 and after my surgery it seems even more difficult to control it. A couple of months ago I was 238 pounds, my pants were size 40. I was able to loose some of that fat. I am 230 pounds now. 38 pants. My muscles are coming back as well.  However, it seems that I have hit a brick wall on my progress. I haven't lose any weight during the last 2 weeks. I started to look for help. Then my sister texted some good news. 


Esmeralda, my sister, has also suffered with weight gain. But she told me of a great 30 day plan she is following and today I finally went online to check it out. Whole 30 sounds good. The info on the website got me all exited and here I am. I got the book on Amazon Kindle and registered to this site. I will start the plan tomorrow May 3. 


Wish me good luck! 

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Guest Andria

Congratulations to you for conquering cancer and taking active part in your health and recovery.


Good luck to you on your Whole30 journey!  We are here if you need any help along the way.

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