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Whole100, Far more serious..


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Like. I said before, you look cute in both pictures, but your face is certainly MUCH slimmer in the new pic, and your skin is glowing!

I like your plan to just add back the few things that really matter.


Thank you!!! There really is quite a difference between the two pictures. I LOVE looking at my side by sides. Makes me feel so much better!

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Day 99.


I honestly cannot believe this is almost over. I can't! I had uncured hotdogs for breakfast this morning and it seems totally normal! LOL.


Tomorrow should be easy. We need to go to the grocery store, and re-stock our kitchen. We are also going to a little Comic Con that our local library is holding. We are going to put our Daughter in a costume. Should be fun!


I started my "stock pile" of paleo/whole30 snacks for the car ride to Disney yesterday! I had my husband pick me up some Epic Bacon Bites to start the pile. I'm also going to get some Real Sticks, RxBars, maybe a larabar or two, some uncured pepperoni, and some Epic Bars too. When we leave, I will probably also put some ice in the cooler and take some hard boiled eggs, and maybe some apples with almond butter. I'm not going to blow all this with crappy foods! I'm honestly quite excited about the little stock pile of healthy foods!


I'm not sure if Sunday will hold anything different for me. I'm quite tempted to get a starbucks coffee with just cream as an introduction, but part of me feels weird about actually introing something on day 101! Isn't that funny? That's the whole point, but i'll feel weird doing it. Not sure what I will do yet!

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My Whole100 is over! Hard to believe!!



In 100 days, I lost 7lbs & 2" from my waist. I dropped over a pants size. My face slimmed out, my hair grew, my eyes became less puffy, I'm sleeping better, my skin tone looks great, and I think I finally kicked my sugar dragon!!!!


Pictures are worth 1,000 words, so here are my side by sides. Day 1 and Day 100. They are in the Exact same spot in my house.





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