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Just started Yesterday...So May 3-Jun 1st


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I've tried Whole30 in the past, and was never able to really get into it and finish. But there was something about the new book that really got to me-and I've committed to finishing this.


It's really more than the book, though. I find myself getting more and more unhealthy, pre diabetic, psoriasis, Tendonitis, really overweight, and I'm tired of not being able to do the things I enjoy.


So, I took the bull by the horns and prepped about 6 days worth of meals already!  I didn't want to have any excuses.


I'll be checking back in for sure!


Oh, the photo is some spiced burgers, Filet mignon Curry with peppers and onions, Crock pot chili, Stuffed Peppers, Mexican style pork chops, some hard boiled eggs, The salad is a base for a marinated steak salad (cooking it tonight after 24 hours marinating in a cilantro lime marinade), plus some amazing salmon from Loki Fish company in the fridge for me to cook tomorrow.


Homemade mayo and Homemade Lime mayo in the fridge


Unless veggies are part of the dish, I cook them as I need them.


Side note-All of the proteins are fully grass fed and finished, pastured, organic, etc.  All from US Wellness and Loki.


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