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Stressing about whether this is going to work or not may actually contribute to it not working, making it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Stress is just as big a factor in weight loss as food. You need to relax.


You might also want to read this article and think about all the other things that you might see improvement in, besides weight.

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Guest Andria

Ok, breathe!  Why are you so anxious and worked up about this?  The anxiety and stress you seem to be creating for yourself could very well diminish some of the benefits you should be getting from this program.  The Whole30 is not a quick fix and it is truly about changing your lifestyle (think: the Whole9) and eating (think: the Whole30).  This process is designed to help you make the best nutritional choices for yourself and to break bad habits (snacking, skipping meals, needing dessert after each meal, etc).  


Keep in mind, you *will likely* see results from the program.  They might not be the same results others have achieved, but they will be *your* results and what *your* body and mind needs.  Those results may not be weight loss, and you should be ready to accept that.  Have you made a list of your reasons for doing a Whole30? Hopefully it isn't weight loss only.  Maybe you could keep a daily log and record things like your mood, energy levels and sleep for something to focus on other than weight loss.


The point of doing a Whole30 isn't to finish a Whole30 and go back to old patterns and habits.  Please, relax, breathe and enjoy the ride :)

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