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Oops - Bacon


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So I can't believe I just started Whole 30 and I didn't think much of the bacon I have curing in the fridge *sighs*  Once it is done and smoked do you think it would be ok to try it before I cut and freeze it for after the 30 days?  It is my first attempt to cure bacon.  Unfortunately the brine does contain organic coconut sugar which I don't think is allowed on the whole 30.


Any thoughts?



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Guest Andria

No, I am sorry, but this would be out for your Whole30 due to the sugar.


I know it may not sound as appealing as your home cured bacon, but there a few commercial  sugar free, uncured bacon brands on the market.  I know of Wellshire and Pedersons.  


ETA: check the labels not all Wellshire bacon is sugar free

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