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Dirty Thirty "Roundup and Ride"!


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I've been milling around here and shooting the breeze with the wranglers...Miki and Higs, Laurie and CC, jmcbn and Blake.   They're shaded up under a pine tree. They've just enjoyed their big honking breakfast and need a nap.  Miki has pine needles stuck between her teeth.  She's been riding horses and has the fragrance of the piney woods clinging to her cowgirl clothes.    


Did you see her?   Wild horses couldn't drag her away from the high plains.   You couldn't persuade her to hang around the bunkhouse for a million bucks. 



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This thread is the next chapter of success for many that have been with this group for several go-a-rounds. We welcome anyone who would love to change your life for the better. We want people with internal strength......with passion.....compassion.....and determination to succeed and help others do the same. Whining, complaining and excuses are left at the door or you can go find another thread. This group has ALWAYS been successful and will ALWAYS be successful. We pride ourselves on fun, education, understanding, and defining and obtaining our own personal goals. Be positive! Be active! Our groups get THOUSANDS of comments and views....and it's for good reason! We DELIVER! It's thirty days people! You can do this.......believe in yourself, offer yourself to the group for 30 days and watch the great things that happen! I am on day two and ready to rock and roll! The group offers more than just encouragement, we throw in recipes, music, photos, CHORES (my favorite) and try to keep everyone engaged and moving towards their goals! Tiger Blood is a week or two away and if you don't know what that is, pull up a chair and we will explain the incredible energy you will receive once you cleanse your body of the crap you have been eating. It's time to "86" the Cheetos, drop the doughnuts, trash the chocolates and sweets and get ready to do battle for a healthier you! Saddle up, we're ready to ride!




Today is your birthday.  I hope you're having a great one wherever you may be.   


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