Dirty Thirty "Roundup and Ride"!


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Thanks Laurie happy to be here Day 6 I'm a newbie first W30 ever! You are all so kind and seem to be sailing along.

This is Sat so last night we took Moms out to Chinese locally and as I said in Success I am so happy and proud of myself for a small victory was won.

I actually ordered a steamed seafood with mixed veg and just salt. Enjoyed it while everyone else was enjoying their usual favorites. Drank black tea and water only. I'm sure I'll be fine now.

Only my hub knows I'm W30 Yea!

Thanks for liking and caring too.

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I will do my chores for the weekend and report back as ordered! Sir! Good to be back :)



WD30 R n R ......safety net within a storm.  Get in here, Grannie D.   Quick, shake the rain off your slicker.



 So you dipped your toes back into the sharky waters of the sugar bin.   


It doesn't matter if your tires are bald and the wheels are falling off....take your hat off and stay awhile.  We'll get you fixed back up in no time.   Denise is the Queen of  Fixin'.  That girl can fix anything.  


We have jmcbn, Espie, Laurie, dcducks, Higs, MegaGardener, Denise..CottageQueen of Fixin, Loulabelle and the Tinman hang their hat here, too....when they need a place out of the rain.


Time to pony up, now.  Git along lil dogies. 



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NAʻALEHU – A magnitude-4.5 earthquake located in the Kaʻū District shook the Island of Hawaii on Saturday, May 9, at 2:18 a.m., HST.

The quake was centered 5 miles north of Naʻalehu at a depth of 6 miles, according to Wes Thelen, the Seismic Network Manager for the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. There were three aftershocks (magnitudes 1.6, 1.5, 1.4) of the earthquake were recorded as of 3:30 a.m., HST. Scientists say additional aftershocks are possible and could be felt.

- See more at: http://www.bigislandvideonews.com/2015/05/09/4-5-earthquake-shakes-big-island/#sthash.me9bz2zA.dpuf

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Hi gang!  Welcome aboard everyone!  I feel like a slow little cowpoke just finding my over to this thread and here we are on what, Day 6 or something?  I confess I am not doing a full-fledged Whole30 at the moment, although I'm doing a reset and a little reintro-ing.


Oh, by the way, I DIDN'T go to see Melissa Hartwig last night when she was in town, so no selfies with Melissa to share with you all.  Alas.  I had had big plans to tell her about how impressive the Dirty 30's are, and have been.  I didn't end up going because I had my big run this morning, and going to the Whole30 event last night would've gotten me home too late.  So!  My run!  This is a big deal for me, gang:  I ran a quarter marathon!  I finished, pain free!  This is a big mile marker (literally) to my goal of a half marathon in October.  This is a goal I've had for going on 5 years, and I've been beset with various injuries and setbacks.  In the last year I have learned A LOT about training, resting, not pushing too hard, but pushing hard enough.  It has taken a team of physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and naturopaths to get me patched up enough to do this thing.  I am feeling super accomplished.  So, yay me!


And that is also a bit of my bio.  More bio:  I found the Whole30 a year ago when my naturopath recommended an anti-inflammatory diet because I am so susceptible to tendonitis.  A little research led me to the Whole30, and I stumbled upon the June 9 group.  The wonderful amazing Whole30er's on this forum have been probably my biggest inspirations and motivators this year.  What a kickass group of incredible folks!  Pat yourselves on the back, gang. I have done four Whole30+'s (one was a Whole56) this year, mostly with the Dirty 30 gang.  At this point I'm actually trying NOT to do any more full W30's until at least the fall, because my focus needs to be on longterm sustainability.  But Whole7's or resets are OK in between because I know firsthand how easy it is to fall off the rails, and riding with this group keeps me focused.


I'm 48 and I live with my partner on a small farm about 30 miles outside of Portland, OR.  I love everything about the natural world and spend as much time with my animals and digging in the dirt as I can.  Goats?  Love them.  We also have assorted poultry, a dog and two cats.  They're my family. I work in Portland full time and love the commute to back out to the country every night where I am lucky to be surrounded by trees and birds and quiet.  I would hike every weekend if I had time.  I also like fly fishing and kayaking, I just don't get many opportunities to do it.


Chores?  Dave, my chore today is sitting on a deck chair in the shade with a book.  I have to assign myself rest.  The chore list for tomorrow is a big 'un, though.

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p.s. I just had the craziest lunch.  Purple sweet potatoes, red salmon, green guacamole.  It didn't really match taste-wise, but the colors were awesome!  This is what happens the last day before a cook-up… my meals get cobbled together in odd shapes.

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So much good news to read about everyone's weekend so far. Mega, Higs, jmcbn, Dave, sweet Meadow, and everyone else - this group is the best. <--- I know you told me already, but now I get WHY.


Meadow, thanks for all the beauty and inspiration. Higs and jmcbn - ditto, but of a words-type in addition to Meadow's picture-type. Dave. Wow. You are pure rocket fuel. Me likey.


Keep on rockin' on, Dirty30. Keep on rockin'.

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Ok, so I lied.... I *didn't* have fennel... but I *did* have leeks & pak choi.... so I made two batches of greens as follows:

Sauteed greens (the bulky green leaves I've always just referred to as greens!), with chopped garlic, mushrooms, & onions.

Sauteed greens with pak choi, leeks, garlic, sugar snap peas & chopped tomatoes.

I made a double batch of mayo and have kept the cabbage & some carrots to make slaw as and when I fancy it. THe asparagus I plan to wrap in bacon & roast at some point through the week, and I've also done a batch of baby boiled potatoes - skins on, and my usual batch of roasted root veg. And I've got kale, spinach, beets, tomatoes and other salad veg on the go as always too.


My plan this week is to to try two servings of greens, with one of starchy veg rather than vice versa as I think I've been heavy on the sweet potatoes/parsnip etc lately. I'm interested to see how it effects my mood and energy levels, and will monitor & tweak as I go.


Protein wise I've my usual coconut chicken in the slow cooker, and I did a slow cooker full of shin overnight - plus I have peppered mackerel & tinned fish on tap, and I'll get more pork later in the week.

I did an early spin session at the gym this morning then came home and did my chore as directed - I live in a small row of semi-detached town-houses with a bricked parking area to the front which is prone to weeds at this time of year so I went out and sprayed weed killer at the front of my house and the front of my neighbours house to the left, and up the pathway to the right between my house and my other neighbour - it's a 24hr treatment so I'm praying the rain stays off so the spray doesn't get washed away...! Also, my neighbours curtains weren't even open when I was out there so they'll get a nice surprise tomorrow when their weeds start to magically disappear...  :P 

Interestingly it doesn't matter how much I do at the gym, gardening of any description always gets me in my lower back...  :wacko: Still, it's done now & this time tomorrow the weeds will hopefully have started to disappear, and maybe next week I'll do the rest of the row...!!  :D 


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M2 yesterday was salad again mixed lettuces red onion, mushroom, red pepper, purple carrot, 2 sliced strawberries, Epic Bison Bites, avacado oil and white balsamic vinegar.


M3 baked Taj Mahal seasoned chicken thigh/legs asparagus sauteed in pork lard and balsamic vinegar.


this morning M1: shredded sweet potato and onion cooked in coconut oil w/ 3 s/m eggs fried on top. cup of coffee w/ ghee & coconut milk.


So, how did everyone do with their challenge?


dcducks  √  

jmcbn      √

me           √






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Higs - how are your folkaronies and Cris doing?  Do you have any new babies on the farm...and those baby chicks should be past the teenager stage.  


Your training and exercise sounds like your great decisions have paid off.   I wonder if CC and Rick are gearing up for any marathons, tri's or ironmans.   


I'm busy putting the finishing touches all around for my folkaronies today.   We go all out for Mother's Day.

All of my chores are done and my ducks are in a row.


Espie, glad you liked the colors.  Colors are healing, too.   They used to paint hospital rooms that old ugly green but as Higs knows....if you put chickens in a "blue room", they don't do well at all.  


dcducks, Denise, jmcbn, Grannie - Happy Mother's Day to your families....


Laurie - as they say, always kiss your cats and dogs, Goodnight


A stubborn horse walks behind you

An impatient horse walks in front of you

But a dog walks beside you.




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First....Happy Mothers Day to all of our Mothers....of children and four legged kids! This was a special Mother's Day for my wife. I usually get her a Pandora charm for her bracelet and this year we went out to our favorite restaurant and I gave her a card from our boys with an inexpensive bracelet. I gave her two cards from me and a wrapped little box which she immediately knew it was a Pandora charm. She was stunned to open the little box and find a three stone diamond ring.....a ring that she has always joked about having....one diamond for each of our sons. It was very expensive but the look on her face was priceless.


Higs - you are a rock star! Very proud of you!


Welcome to the newbies and to those that are joining us again!


Yesterday I went to help a friend with his sailboat. He had had a marine mechanic work on the engine but the guy could not get the engine mounts out because they were so rusty. I had all four out in about 2 hours. It was very uncomfortable in the little engine hatch area and the heat didn't help much. But the job is done, and the chore is complete.


I went home, cleaned up and took the wife out on the boat, picked up a friend who lives on the water and then picked up my sister in law. We cruised around Solomons Island from 2:30 until 7pm. It was a beautiful day and I can't remember the last time I was soooo relaxed. The breeze would blow in that rich ocean air that I have missed all winter. We finished the evening by dropping my friend off and then taking the two ladies to the waterfront Holiday Inn where they were going to spend the night having drinks and dinner. I made the cruise back which took about an hour and then put the boat to bed. The boys had made their own dinner, so I finished some laundry, made the bed and then climbed in and slept like a baby!


The boys and I will be heading to church this morning and then up to the in-laws to have dinner and pick up the wife. I will be putting in a flag pole for my mother-in-law so I guess I can cross off my chore AGAIN....!


Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Higs - congrats on the race.


Dave - lucky Kelly - the ring is great but the love and respect you have for your wife is the greatest!


Hope everyone has a great mother's day.  We were going to spend the day with my mom and sister but Steve has temperature again so it's just us and the feline kids.

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Good morning everyone! It is a beautiful day here in West Central Ohio. Off with my sister to see mom and take her some things in a few minutes. Wanted to share this roasted radish recipe with ya'll  that I found. Gonna give it a try w/ghee with M3.

 Woke up this am with the sun around 0612. M1 of sauteed onion, shitake's, power greens( kale chard spinach and mizuna blend) and 2 eggs fried in it. Back to drinking my cup o' coconut/ghee/coffee in the am w/M1. I don't whip the stuff in it, just stir with a spoon, works just fine for me...  Gotta run! Later gaters!

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Roasted radishes sound good cottagequeen!!


Enjoy the visit with your mum...

Bit of a mixed bag weather wise here today. It was glorious when I left the house so I switched the heating timer off - then when I got to the office we had hail! Yes, hail in May! And now we're having high winds and showers.... Heating will have to go back on again this evening.

Food-wise today so far:


M1 Three eggs scrambled with about 3 cups worth of spinach & kale, plus sauteed mushrooms, a chopped tomato, half an avocado and a small fillet of peppered mackerel. Lots of colour to start the day  :) 

M2 A large chunk of slow roasted shin with sauteed spring greens, pak choi, leeks & tomatoes, with olives & a few mouthfuls of sauerkraut.


M3 will be coconut chicken with oven roasted root veg & half an avocado.

Today is a rest day for me but there's no rest for the wicked - I'll either get out & get the back garden patio & path sprayed with weed killer when I get in or I'll squeeze in a quick session on the stair master at the gym depending on whether the first born has gone to chess club or not... He has an Ulster U14 Schools chess tournament on during school today (he's already the NI U16 Schools chess champion and he has the All Ireland's on Saturday so he tells me this will be a doddle!!) so he may decide he's had enough chess for one day....

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This ain't my first Whole 30 rodeo.  I like the science portion of my ISWF book.  I refer to it often.  Scientists from UCLA have just discovered what the WD30 wranglers have known since we've been here.


You're right, dcducks.   We DO DELIVER.   I'm gellin but I ain't swellin'.  It's not braggin' if it's true.   We don't have the big head, we rely on the ISWF science and we rely on each other.  Our proven results go waaaaaaay beyond Solar Flaring because we include tough, mushy LOVE.


How much protein you eat and when you eat it is the key to releasing fat.  Oh, yeah.  We're talking Solar Flaring here, cowboys.    It's the protein timing that doubles fat burn all day long.  I'm gonna tell ya but first I digress.   I must  have photos and songs because I'm doing the Snoopy Happy Dance.   Oh, baby Oooooo baby!!!   I have to take some of the pressure off before the geyser blows the lid OFF!!!!



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I have to fling myself around and dance for awhile when I'm happy.

Okey Dokey.


If we don't get enough protein our muscles shrink.  lol3.gif  lol3.gif


Eating all of your protein at dinner will not solve the problem.  Our bodies can absorb the Whole 30 portion size of protein at one sitting.  Soooooo, skimping on protein all day long and then loading up in the evening does not work.


If you eat too much protein at one meal, we don't reserve the excess to be used the next day.  But add the right amount of protein 3 X day and WOW.   WD30 wranglers who divide their protein evenly at Breakfast,  Lunch and Dinner....will see a 50% increase in muscle building potential.   This turns up your Solar Flaring Thermostat and switches on FAT BURNING.   OH, YEAH,  Baby.


Targeted protein for 3 meals aday - blunts the insulin spikes that instruct the body to store fat and stimulate the output of satiety hormones.   You will feel full and happy as the fat is solar flared away from the body.   


People who eat protein 3 X day have increased concentration, sunnier moods, more energy and YOUNGER SKIN.   


Regular protein doses @ 3 X day REDUCE SKIN SAGGING and BOOST ELASTICITY.    Your body will bounce back from weight releasing in a LEANER AND TIGHTER STATE than you ever thought possible.


Get the right amount of protein every day and at the right times to ward off muscle wasting and rev your metabolism to a rolling boil.    If any meal is shy of your palm size protein....WORK ON THAT TODAY.    ALLOW 4-5 HOURS INBETWEEN MEALS.     DON'T SNACK.


Do not go below 30-40 grams of protein at each meal.  


Protein along with your good dietary fats will give you energy to go from crawling around on all fours, having to reach for a chair to pull you up to having boundless energy for cleaning your house and running marathons.   


Trade in the fast food lifestyle for PROTEIN ENERGY FOODS -- BEEF, FISH, JERKY, FOWL, EGGS....eat anything that has a ton of protein in it.   


Protein is your MIRACLE along with good dietary fats.    

UCLA says

Protein increases muscle strength

Melts menopots :P 55%faster

Thickens thinning hair  73%

Increases brainpower 95%

Reduces wrinkle formations 

Slash appetite by 298%  (that's correct)


And like we've known all along, if you think you have to have some sort of tiddly wink snack.....do not go for dried fruits, nuts or nut butters or that juicy juice in your sparkling water.


Experts said - metabolism is determined by muscle mass.  Lose muscle mass and our fat burning falters.  Fruit sugars don't build muscle mass.  Sigh, if you're over the age of 21 and beyond....the body needs more protein to achieve what we did when we were 21.


NOoooooo.   If you have to have a snack...go for PROTEIN along with a FAT.   This wards off deprivation and will ensure RELEASED POUNDS STAY OFF FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVE.

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