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Dirty Thirty "Roundup and Ride"!


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And your other one....."What's eatin' in secret gets worn in public."  


There's no point in lying 'cos you're only fooling yourself - "...this above all: to thine own self be true..."

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I heard y'all were back for another rodeo and just wanted to check in. Meadow, can't tell you how much I've missed your words of wisdom, Laurie, hope you and Steve are doing well, Someone sent me an email, was it Higs? Where is she, I didn't see her in my scan of the people. Cottage Queen I recognized...and some other guy - I forget his name going on about this, that and the other thing, in some sort of bossy, Drill Sargeant tone - anywho.


I'm not on right now, but I will lurk and do all I can. Everything is coming up roses. I have kept some of my habits, but would like to perfect them. Indeed they are such a logical way to live and the health and well-being derived is off the charts.


I still make mayo (prefer it to the regular). I still use my tessamae hot sauce. I still love my ground chicken & kale. 


Missing our Debs, Rosann, what does Cassandra go by? 


Meadow, are you out hiking now or is it still too cold?


Good luck and may you endure "you know whos" cranky, bra-wearing, boat-driving, chore-assigning, car-refurbishing, -duck-making ways.




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Yo Mama!!


I can't let you slide by without saying A BIG HOWDY and HEY Y'ALL.   




STOP BY, ANY OLE TIME.   WOW. JUST WOW.   DANG, we miss you!


Yes, Miki....it was a time within a time.  They're all missed.  It's a wondrous thing that you're still rockin' the mayo, hot sauce.  I'd be interested in that kale/chicken dish you make.  


Oooooo, I do hope you'll come back.  Often.  All of the time.  Every day.

Yes, it's still snowing off and on.  Nights are still in the 20's but approacing freezing.  I'm back at the Ridge, going up to the snowline and keeping my eyes open all around me.  Grizzlies are out everywhere.



Some are even thought to be headed for town.  They say it's because of a milder winter.   Didn't seem mild to me.  My eyes are OPEN.




  COME BACK TO US.  "Cold Mountain".



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ground chicken (found a good free range, etc at Ralphs in CA) two bags of chopped cruciferous 1 bag of spinach, a little onion a little garlic from Trader joes and all done. cook her up, serve her over cauli rice (a fav of all time), spag squash, with or without a little coconut milk and thai seasoning,...or my fav, Tessamae buffalo wing sauce.

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All - welcome to another great day of getting healthier. I hope everyone is feeling horrible and run down. This is usually normal during the first week as your body searches for all of the crap you used to feed it. Now the good stuff begins! You will start feeling better and even start getting more energy. In the next week or two, Tiger Blood should creep into your veins and make you an unstoppable force. Do NOT give up because it is starting to get a little hard. If its getting harder...you are doing it RIGHT! Stop whining and crying and get to work.


Your next chore (You have until the end of Wednesday) is to clean and re-organize a room! It can be a closet, or an entire room. But DON'T half-ass it! Get in there and really clean and organize. Throw out those ugly shoes, shirts, pants, sweaters that you will never wear until they come back into fashion in 20 years! Don't keep "fat clothes" for when you can grow back into them. Dust, neaten, straighten, vacuum.....get busy! 


Miki - I am so glad that you have graced the group with your presence. Please find some time to visit often......everyone would love to hear from you....including me!



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Miki!!  Welcome back!  yay!  I am still here but crazy busy during the week so not a ton of time to post at the moment.  But I'm trying to keep up with everyone.


Lissfish, welcome!


Things are good here except my microwave just blew up - well, shot a bunch of sparks so I unplugged it reallyfast - sort of pain to reheat my veggies old school style on the stove.


Meadow, my folks are great and Cris is pretty good.  His mom is still hanging in there and her chemo seems to be keeping things at bay at the moment.  He'll probably be headed home for another visit next month.  It's been a rough road for sure.  Cancer sucks.  We're going to Idaho in early June to visit my folks and go up to the cabin for a little early season fly fishing, so we have that to look forward to!


I miss Deb.  I need some meal inspiration.


CC is indeed training for another Tri!  


GrannyD, welcome back!

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Whoever has the most influence....WINS.  





Higs - remember the squirrels that my sister and I coaxed into the house with peanuts?   The ones that were running along the back of the couch and swinging from the curtains while Maw was chasing them around with the broom, crying and bawling and my sisters and I were giggling hysterically while watching Captain Kangaroo?


We used peanuts to coax those squirrels in.   Whoever can coax them back...WINS.  



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I just want to say: I luv y'all, you crazy Dirty Thirtyers. You make my day, turn my frown upside down.


Been feeling cranky and not as great as days 8-12 for the past couple of days, been trying to reverse-engineer what's been going on so I can change it. Think I've found some of the culprits: Need more animal-based fats (been eating super-lean meats & getting fats from cooking oils & nuts - Meadow, I know... I know), need more greenies , and need to bring back my walking (I've been doing tons of green exercise, which has focused on dragging most of a huge dead-fallen tree up a hill to a burn pile; definitely getting a workout & sweating like a pig, but it's not the same as my long, fast walks which seem to do something totally different re: getting all that inside stuff moving around and the baddies OUT).


So, those are my goals over the next few days to get back into the daily grind. Plus our new assignment. I know *exactly* which room needs a-doin', because there are dead bugs on the floor. Will report back when that work is done & I'm back at the hitchin' post & ready to put mah feet up for a little R&R!

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Hi to all! I'm glad to hear you all had a great, happy, productive relaxing weekend. My Mother's Day was one of the best yet!

I've had a major setback since Sat morning Weirdest thing but I'll keep my leg elevated and hope for the best no crybabies here! And the pollen counts here are skyrocketing! My heads about to explode! No complaints it will pass too.

Love your humor and seriousness Meadow the first time you commented 3x "if the bar.." Gotcha

I'm doing well even through the rough stuff!

M1 2 eggs, burger,and veggies potato in oil

M2 pork chop, Brussels, green beans broccoli

M3 may be flank steak it's marinating in lime

Juice, tomato paste, garlic onion salt pepper

With fried greens and yams

So far no cravings, snacks or inbetweens

I'm amazed this is great for me and so unusual

I haven't weighed myself yet or measured but sure I'm losing look different and clothing is loose!

Day 8 still going strong!!

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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I went and stocked up on compliant foods at the grocery last night. I love veggies but during my last w30 I found it hard to eat them at every meal as time went on. One of my goals this time around is to try two new veggies each week and find a few different ways to prepare them. I purchased beets and kale for this week. I'm a creature of habit and could eat the same thing every day, luckily my cowboy can't so I'm forced to switch it up. 


I did buy bananas last night even though you said minimum fruit. I had a problem with leg cramps last time so while I'll try to avoid eating them, I'll have them just in case. I'm not a fan of nuts or Lara bars so that won't be an issue. 


I do one starchy veg with b'fast. I didn't the first two weeks of the last w30 and I was depressed, crying and whatnot for no reason. I never got the Tiger Blood feeling. I was told on the forum to add a potato or sweet potato a day so I use nomnompaleo's sweet potato hash recipe for M1. It's great with eggs fried in ghee, spinach and avocado. 


My other goal is to incorporate more exercise into my w30. I just did a lot of walking the first time. I figured it would be stressful enough to make food changes. haha Back in the day when I did exercise a lot it was always on an empty stomach. So a second part of my exercise goal is to grasp the pre and post wo meal concept successfully.


M2 is going to be a huge salad with shredded pork, balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dressing. (I need to up my condiment game)

M3 is a grilled pork chop with beets, spinach and kale. (I'll be looking up compliant recipes while I'm at the office today)  ;)


For dcducks1 chore challenge I'll be tackling the master bedroom and closet. I've been meaning to for a while now and was just waiting for Spring like weather aka no more snow to start. Alas we're supposed to get snow again this weekend... so chore challenge accepted!


Have a great day everyone!




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Keep your senses of humor and the time will fly by.  Laughter and good food makes everything better. They're both healers.  I'm going to clean closets, too.  

I'm headed for the cement pond with Maw.swim2.gif   I hope she doesn't have her new stick-on fingernails on.  I don't want to retrieve those if they float off.   :wub: 

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Thanks meadow! You and ducks and j... are a superstars and speaking for myself really especially needed in these times great people.:)

Espie you are strong and you have friends here they are true and all

Smartypantses lol Love this group

We are in this to win this (tho I'm so not competitive) but I will keep up!

And yes I'll clean out a drawer or something since I'm immobile for a few ..

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You mean Snark Monsters.   Yes, this is all true. Sigh.  I feel really awful about it.  :lol:  :D 

Oh, dear me.  I'm getting silly and I know what that means. Oh yeah, Tiger Blood here we come.

Hurry up, Maw.  She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes...she'll be comin' round the mountain....

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Singin' aye aye yippee yippee aye, singin' aye aye yippee yippee aye, singin' aye aye yippee, counting calories is iffy, singin' aye aye yippee yippee aye.....  :P 

Stairmaster done.

PostWO - tuna & slow roasted carrots

M3 - Beef with oven roasted root veg (sweet potato, beets, parsnip, turnip & onion) & olives.

It's exam season here next week - I've been helping the first born revise. It's been emotional....  :mellow:

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Swimming - done.  I was thinking about tuna, too.   I was visiting with a young girl at the pool who just had her hamstring used for an ACL graft.  Oooooo, what she described was not a pleasant experience.   Oh, crap.  I almost passed out looking at it.  I could not be a nurse/doctor.  Nope.  Nuh uh.  My knees want to buckle when I think about using parts to make parts.  Movin' on.   Which reminds me, are they still growing ears in petri dishes?  Proly.  Oh barf.


I'm laughing so hard, I'm about ready to roll around on the carpet.  This is what happens to me.  It's wonderful.  I've really dialed this Whole 30 in.  No snacks, proteins galore, good fats and 9 cups of vege.   I've been sleeping tighter than a drum, out like a light.   Yes, it's a wondrous thing to feel on Top of Old Smokey....all covered with dirt...


On top of Old Smokey 
All covered with dirt, 
I lost my suspenders 
My socks and my shirt. 

I lost my umbrella. 
I lost my pet frog. 
My food in my lunch box, 
Got ate by a dog. 

I lost my left sneaker, 
My hat and my comb. 
I lost my new toothbrush. 
I lost my way home. 

I found my way home, then 
I did sure enough. 
And I found my MawMaw 
With all of my stuff 
Yes I did (with all of my stuff!) 

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