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Dirty Thirty "Roundup and Ride"!


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hey everyone!

Welcome aboard LissFish and MeGA"gardener"

Hey Miki! Happy Dance!


put in my 12 hrs at the "horsepistol" 1st full day back since mom's accident. Went pretty good, hit the stairs a couple of times and still running up the ramps while pushing my work station!


Word is mom is being released to home on Friday. Sis and I have to go tomorrow and go thru PT/OT with her to learn what we need to do to assist her and keep her improving. Good good news!


M1: onion,shitake's, carrots and the last of the power greens sauteed in pork lard and 2 eggs scrambled in it. cup of green tea dandelion blend.

M2:mix veg salad with tuna a few pecans and avocado oil. white balsamic vinegar.

M3: salmon patty, left over roasted radish, beets, asparagus/prosciutto baked sweet tater w/ghee, cinnamon and a few pecans.


thinking about that chore..... ????????? so many possibilities!

Nite all...

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Greetings, Team!  Higs let us know that some of the originals were back at another Whole 30!  Hello to Higs and Miki and Laurie and Dave and Meadow and all the other folks on board. Dave is a terrific captain!


I am planning on another Whole 30 on June 1st.  Rick and I are headed to Barcelona on Sunday, then headed out on a cruise Wednesday - Italy, France and Spain.  I just couldn't bring myself to start before the trip!!


I'm not sure if I ever posted it, but Rick and I got to meet Roseann (and her tasty treats) in February. What a treat to meet a fellow D30 in person!


I will lurk a little before we leave, and then I'm on the wagon as soon as we get back!!


PS: Did everyone get the new Whole 30 book? I'm loving it!  I was surprised that Meadow didn't have a guest chapter  ;)

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CC and Rick!   Yee Haaawwwww!   It's a family reunion today.    A lil birdy told us you were still in training for another Tri.   Can't wait to hear about your training.....Tell All.   You met Roseann,  awesome.   Can you believe it's been one year?   


Protein, vegetables, and fats.   Your favorite combo.  How was your last trip to Spain?  I think that's about the last time you were here.   Goodness, in way it seems like you've never left.  It was only yesterday that we were working the June 2014 Whole 30.   


Hope you take your coat off and stay awhile, CC.   Wait 'til Laurie sees you're here.   Hugs and kisses all around.  Yay!!   Higs rose to the top of the heap for bringing you back!!!!


I was thinking about an imaginary Whole 30 Convention.  I'm sure everyone would know each other...blindfolded.   

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CC...that's so funny about Meadow having a guest chapter in the new book! I think that's a great idea and I'm sure it was just an oversight on their part. It surely would have been the best chapter in the book! My husband and daughter are going to Barcelona in June as well for soccer. What a coincidence! Enjoy your trip.

Hi everyone. I'm not good with addressing each person like Meadow does but I love reading about everyone's day. It sounds like everyone is doing well. My shopping trip brought abundant veggies and proteins to keep me on track. I have grand plans to clean a few closets this weekend. My kids will all be home to help with a much needed spring cleaning. Stay strong and forge on!

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Good afternoon folkaroonies  :)


It's been a busy day for me so far with an early appt at the dentist to kick start the day... The good news is the braces are coming off and I can practically smell the HUGE portion of ribs I'm gonna have to celebrate, and rare steak, and all the things I haven't really been able to eat.... The bad news is it's not for another two weeks yet and in the meantime I'm in for more pain as my dentist makes those last few tweaks & maneuvers my teeth in to that elusive perfect arch... it's like being put on a stretching rack from back in the middles ages - except it's just my teeth!!  :o


M1 Cabbage, Spinach, Onion, Mushroom with 3 pieces of compliant bacon & half an avocado sauteed in ghee with three eggs over easy

Activity: my daily jaunt round the block, finishing off with a good steep incline to get the heart rate going just in time for......

M2 Shredded chicken with what started off as coleslaw & turned into the largest shredded salad I've ever laid eyes on - I'm not even gonna hint at how many tablespoons of mayo were required for this bad boy...  :blink:

Activity: 6 sets of dead-lifts with progressive weight for each set, 6 sets of pull-ups (with resistance bands) with progressive reps for each set, 30min row

PostWO grilled chicken kebab (no dressing/marinade) & roasted sweet potato

M3 Mackerel with salad of par boiled baby potatoes (skins on) with sliced onion, chopped tomato & beetroot drizzled with ground black pepper, oregano, & EVOO

Chore: I'll be getting stuck into cleaning & clearing out about 10yrs worth of lego characters/cars/buildings/spaceships etc all nicely displayed & gathering dust in the first born's room

Life is good!!



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Happy days, my wonderful other half is now eating template breakfasts even when I am not with him  :D . He is also really enjoying it, this is a man who never ate anything but coffee before 09:00 then hit the doughnuts & pastries! He has been wonderfully supportive of me on this journey eating Meals 2 & 3 with me from the beginning and giving me so much encouragement.


Lunch today was something new and delicious for the veg; I roasted radishes last night with onion & garlic. Today I had them cold with an olive oil & balsamic vinegar dressing. That was eaten with a big ruccola salad and a home made burger. Delish!


It is a public holiday here tomorrow so like jmbcn I am going to be gutting and cleaning my oldest sons room in preparation for new furniture arriving. If I have the energy it will be onto other sons room which is a disaster zone of toys and books and also need a good clear out. 

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 If I have the energy it will be onto other sons room which is a disaster zone of toys and books and also need a good clear out. 

I feel your pain! I got a few storage boxes on wheels from IKEA for the feral child's room and we've sorted them into soldiers, cars etc & they slide nicely under his bed - big improvement (when they stay there!!)

Great news about your OH - he's come to the Dark Side!!  :D

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OMG you guys are cracking me up. The squirrels... the squirrels...


Guess what?? Animal fat - CHECK!  More greenies - CHECK! A little more cardio - CHECK! Attitude & general kick-assness.... BACK ON BOARD, BABY!!!!!


I am totally stunned at how the tiniest modifications can make all the difference. Wow. I'm getting this sucker dialed in to perfect pitch. Been on the trail a few days now, the saddle's comfy and the tack's adjusted *just right*. Long daily rides are making me so happy.


One other thing that I think I'd been missing & is helping - I'd been taking a cal/mag/zinc supplement but when I read the label it had so much crap and non-cal/mag/zinc in it that I was horrified. Soybeans, wheat, rice, dextrose, I don't even remember what else. I stopped it before W30, but yesterday found a clean & compliant one at the store. I don't know if that's contributing to my massive rebound this morning, but whatever the magic elixir is composed of, I'll take it!!


Most of my meals yesterday centered around some lovely natural sausage & gorgeous greens I'd gotten at the Farmer's market: Kale, bok choy, chard, some other stuff I don't know, and a few bits of grass (those were too stringy for me, gave 'em to mah horse). Also some beautiful sweet potato. All that color - deep emerald greens and bright oranges... I have never eaten so colorfully in my life. It's a joy.


Hi YA to all my fellow Riders. I am loving the reports of daily meals and activities. My goal for today is to grill up about 2lbs of turkey burgers and make some sauces from the W30 book. If y'all have favorites, shout 'em out! My blender is hotted up and ready!



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Hi all everyone new and old friends. Yes Day 10 if I've done the math right So

Tiger blood kicked in about yesterday afternoon hasn't slowed down!

I took your challenge to clean out and it was more than a drawer! I did an entire room. Another thing

Done not the best timing for an injury but who's


I might try making mayo been shy!

Hope you are all enjoying your day Don't work too hard thanks for all your support It means a lot

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Bear wanted me to remind everyone here at the Hitching Post....that snacking on fruit is something that bears do before they head in for their dens in the fall.   Those berries are pure carbohydrates and they stack pounds on like crazy.   Eating carbs in the form of fruit all day long will not regulate your blood sugar.





Espie - so happy to see you're still Grinding Meat.  The more dialed in you are to Proteins, Vegetables and good dietary Fats, the quicker you'll see Tiger Blood.   It's not bragging if it's true.


jmcbn - Fruit and Nut Vigilante


MegaGardener - I'm going to hightail it into my closets,  RIGHT NOW.

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