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Blood Type and Whole 30


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Hi, was wondering if anyone had tried to incorporate blood type diet principles with the Whole 30, and had any success.  If not, has anyone noticed that certain meats bother them? I actually am starting to feel worse eating so much meat, mainly beef (and I am keeping it to the amount recommended in the Whole 30 book).  I feel very confused as to what really works.  I just want to feel good. (BTW I am blood type A)

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Hi nena,


The premise of the blood type diet doesn't really hold up under scrutiny. There's some discussion of that criticism here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_type_diet#Scientific_criticism, but there have been a couple of very well done critiques of the diet found on the internet.


That being said, if you feel like you don't handle beef well, then by all means lighten up on that protein source during your W30.


Highly sensitive folks can react to meat depending on the animal's diet (reacting to grain fed cattle vs. 100% grassfed), or reacting to the antibiotics/hormones, etc...but typically not the meat protein itself.

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Just as an aside, I am A+ blood type and so is my husband and we eat beef several times a week, mixing it up with pork and chicken, and we feel really good and don't have any issue. Actually, my husband prefers beef over any other flesh. We both eat a ton of veg as well. Sorry you are not feeling well. We feel very energized when we hold to whole 30 principles. 

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