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Lost and Confused

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Hi everyone!


I'm new and am trying to get prepared so I can get started on May 9th. I've read through the instructions, the templates, and clicked on all the links. I have started following you on IG for all your recipe posts which I love! But I think I am missing something...




Ok, here's what I got so far: 

3 meals with 1-2 protein and the rest of your plate with vegetables. Fruit can be added with fat.


How much fat? There is a list and I'm certain everything doesn't get added at once. So one thumb size for each meal?


Also, do you need to have coconut and olives as well as nuts and seeds for each meal. Are they meant as a side because I know snacking is not allowed.


I have been reviewing the recipes and I really want to try the zucchini fritters. How much do I eat??? If I have them as meal 1 do I eat 2 and a side of veggies? There is also a chicken, brussel sprout, and olives recipe I want to try...again, HOW MUCH DO I EAT?? Should I add sides to it? 


I am having trouble figuring this part out and any help would be appreciated!



Day 0 :)

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Hi Lydia, sorry you're having trouble deciphering the meal templates.


Here's the quick version:


1-2 palms of protein (that's the length, width and depth of your palm). If it's eggs, it's as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping, usually at least 3-4

1-3 cups veggies, we recommend trying to include at least one fist sized serving of starchy veggies per day

1-2 thumbs fat (or 1/2 to whole avocado or handful olives)

Repeat this 3 times a day, starting within an hour of waking.


If it is a veggie fritter, make sure you have enough of them that it is around 1-3 cups veggies.  If you are making a casserole style meal, make sure that you serve yourself enough that it is the equivalent of the suggested palms and cups above.  The fat you are welcome to use a couple different sources. Remember that most of the cooking fat will stay in the pan so you can cook in a fat and also add another type of fat to your meal.


The best way to determine if you are eating enough is to see if your meals keep you going for 4-5 hours.  If you are hungry in between, make your next meal larger and continue to tweak until you are eating 3 times a day, 4-5 hours apart.  


Does this help?

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