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anyone else get mad....


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Oh my goodness this is one of my rage-inducers!  If you are willing to eat granola bars that are $4 for 48 bars and you are going to drink Coke and eat grocery store cookies, you absolutely do not get first, second or third dibs on my properly raised pulled pork!  ABSOLUTELY Not!


This also lends to my hatred of potlucks....because I will not bring or eat crap but everyone else does.  Why should I bring something healthful, (generally) more expensive and time involved when you bring gingerbread men from Safeway?!


Phew!  Sorry, this is definitely a hot button issue for me.  Those who care about what they eat should get first dibs on food over those who could give a crap about what garbage they put in their mouths.  


*steps down off of soap box and extinguishes hair.

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I agree, and then not. I am with ya, ladyshanny, on the potluck thing. (On a closely related note, people who bring the smallest potluck offering ever yet eat enough for a small village) However... I love when my family eats the good quality food I keep around rather than crappy costco granola bars and Oreos. I can't eat for them, but may slowly I can win them over!

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