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completed 1st whole30


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I finished my very 1st Whole 30 and it went pretty well. I mistakenly ate a couple of things but not since I plan on sticking with the plan I didn't start over. I lost some weight but the biggest change has been in how I feel. I turned 44 at the beginning of April but I was feeling 74. I was achy all the time especially after sitting, my elbows had chronic tendonitis and I felt puffy all the time. I now have a spring in my step and after 4 years of pain in my elbows it is gone! I feel slim and the general achy malaise I felt is so much better. I still get a little stiff if I have been on my feet all day and then when I sit down at night I get stiffness when I go to get up. But it is so much less painful than it was.

I love this way of living and I plan on eating this way for the rest of my life!


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