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Please consider modifying search limit


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I'm a librarian and I teach search strategies. I've never encountered a search system with the three-letter word limit other than here. Two letters, yes, but three truly impacts the user's ability to conduct an efficient and effective search. Given my understanding of search architecture, I can't see that the benefits of this limit outweigh the hassles.

Today I was stymied by "tea" and have had several other similar issues in the past.

I know the wildcard and quotes strategies, and I can generally work around the limit, but it's cumbersome and I don't understand the necessity for the limit and hope it can be changed.



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I agree. New York is not searchable.

If you just search for York, lots of New Yorks come up. I thought there was a trick to either put quotes around a 3 letter word or an asterik at the end of the word, but while that brought up a lot of New Yorks, it didn't highlight them in yellow like other searched words do, so it's not as easy to zero in on the subject.

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