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Week one Round up


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Well, I made it to Day 7! It's been a difficult week for me. Definitely feeling tired, cranky, frustrated (mostly with myself for waiting so long to change my habits). I'm still a little tired today, I can't wait for the new energy boost to come. These sugar cravings have been crazy but I wasn't expecting anything less considering I used to down 4-6 Angry Orchards every night. It's been difficult to not default back to my old ways of dealing with stress, open a beer and smoke a cigarette. Anytime I have that feeling, I have gotten into the habit of grabbing a Lime La Croix and taking some deep breaths to get through the craving. I'm still working on trying to find healthier ways of dealing with stressful moments, which happen often in our house with 3 children 9,3, and 2. I'm open to any suggestions!


I've also been doing a 30 day workout challenge from Betty Rocker (you can find her on FB). They're only 15 minute workouts and they're different everyday working on different areas (even some yoga, which I love!).


I've been documented my meals on instagram (@foodineerlifestyle), but here's some pictures so far of this weeks meals!


Breakfast is not always pictured, for some reason I always forget to take a picture in the morning, it's probably because I'm a zombie in the morning. Hopefully that changes soon!!! This morning I actually remembered for once. ;)


My goals for the next 7 days are:

  • Get MORE sleep, at least 8 hours... I've been averaging around 6.5-7, this could be why I'm still so tired in the morning.
  • Stick to my guns this coming Mother's Day and resist the temptation to have a drink, going out to dinner and a concert, Must. Stay. Strong. (This will be my first "outing" since starting the Whole30, I'll let you know how it goes.)
  • Stick to my workouts, this should be easy because they make me feel strong and relieve some tension!


Here's to another 7 days!!!! :D







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