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Mother Day Brunch Ideas?


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Since I want to stay on Whole 30, I volunteer to cook mother's day brunch for my mother-in-law's family (6 people).

I hope that's a smart move.... But now I'm stressed out about what to cook.

Will they like food without dairy, grain, sweets?

I would really appreciate it if I can get some menu and recipe suggestions.

Thank you all!  ^_^

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You could do buffet style--deviled eggs, meatballs, salad or veggies with compliant dressings/dip, the fruit salad mentioned above, poached shrimp, a crustless quiche.. we have to do the post church snacks (with 2 other couples) on Sunday, and that is pretty much what I am looking at. If you could keep away from temptation, you could have a few non compliant things, but if temptation is too great, just skip them. 

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I'm actually hosting a mother's day brunch as well. The menu is:

roasted chicken

egg salad in belgian endive leaves

garlic roasted potatoes & tender brussel sprouts

fennel slaw

green salad w/ strawberries, sliced almonds, avocado and a homemade balsamic vinaigrette

assorted pickles & olives

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