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May 4, 2015 - My Near Year's Day


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Day 1 - 


Breakfast:  Baked potato, salsa, 3 pan-fried eggs. 


Lunch:  Salad with a can of tuna on top, lemon garlic Tessamae dressing, grape tomatoes, sea salt


Dinner:  grilled salmon, spinach, grape tomatoes, yellow squash

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Day 2 - 


Breakfast:  Orange, 2 scrambled eggs with spinach, Applegate chicken-apple sausage


Lunch:  Romaine salad, lemon garlic dressing, grape tomatoes, can of tuna


Dinner:  Turkey burger with lettuce buns, compliant-mayo, cauliflower, spinach

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Day 3 - 


Breakfast: scrambled eggs with leftover green beans and spinach, 2 slices of no-sugar bacon, my failed strawberry-blueberry smoothie


Lunch:  Romaine Salad, leftover turkey burger, grape tomatoes, tessamae lemon garlic


Dinner:  Chile lime chicken burger, compliant guacamole, salad, tessamae garlic dressing

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Day 4 -


Breakfast:  Scrambled egg whites, organic italian sausage, spinach, cantaloupe


Lunch:  Romaine salad, can of crab, grape tomatoes, roasted plantain chips


Dinner:  Baked turkey, salad, strawberry blueberry mashup (frozen strawberries and blueberries, splash of compliant orange juice)


Been nauseous all day! Ever since I came to the grocery store. Not amused.

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Day 5 - 


Breakfast:  scrambled eggs, 2 slices no sugar bacon, cantaloupe, spinach, guacamole


Snack:  kale chips, roasted plantain chips, grape tomatoes, guacamole


Lunch:  Can of tuna, baby spinach salad, boiled egg, lemon juice


Dinner:  pan-fried catfish, compliant mayo, spinach, cauliflower, salad


Majorly dizzy and nauseous. Even less amused.

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Day 6 - 


Breakfast:  spinach-egg scramble, 2 strips of bacon and guacamole.


Lunch:  Spinach cauliflower crab romaine salad, tessamae lemon chesapeake dressing, cherries


Dinner:  Lime chile chicken burger, guacamole, baked potato, spinach, kale chips, water with apple cider vinegar

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Day 7 - 


Breakfast:  Chicken apple sausage, butternut squash with cinnamon and onions. 3 scrambled eggs with 21 spices, cauliflower and broccoli.


Lunch:  can of tuna on romaine salad, grape tomatoes, salsa and roasted plantain chips, leftover eggs and sausage from breakfast, Lemon Chesapeake dressing, sea salt.


Dinner:  baked potato with guacamole, turnip greens, roasted pork.


No nausea! Whoo hoo!

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