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Say No....


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At first the Nos with Whole30 seem overwhelming..

No sweets

No dairy

No peanuts

No bread

No alcohol

No gum...


No kidding???

But I am counting on all of the testimonies that the end results are worth it...

That the end result will be a big YES!

Yes to better health in every way..

Yes to accomplishment and hope!

May the ayes indeed have it at the end of this journey!

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I made a list recently of all the things I don't eat v all the things I do...the don'ts are not only not that interesting to me anymore but there are so many more lovely things on the do list and that list is so much longer ;)

Look at it the other way round...and after 3 whole 30s ( of which one was actually a whole 54) I can say it most certainly is worth it!

Good luck x

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