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Starting a Whole100! May 11.


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My name is Andrea and I'm a sugar-a-holic. That's funny, because I'm actually a recovered alcoholic, and the truth is that sugar has proved to be a bigger obstacle than alcohol. I suppose if you really think about it I've been addicted to sugar since childhood! 


My story:


I tried and failed at 3 whole30's in 2014. I would make it 28, 20, 10 days and always give in to sugar cravings. I did live a 90% lifestyle for quite a while after my first attempt and made some serious gains in the the way of health but then stumbled for several months.


Fast forward to April 7, 2015, after a horrid stretch of binge eating Easter candy, I committed to and successfully completed a whole30.


I had big dreams of continuing on to do a whole60 or more, but then i decided a tiny treat couldn't hurt and would be a bit of a reward (that's foreshadowing for all you literary fol out there! lol). On Thursday I added a bit of honey to an otherwise paleo mug cake, on Friday I went out for supper and had ribs that were drowning in a sugar laden bbq sauce and on the way home i stopped at the store and bought 85% chocolate. On Saturday I stuck with compliant meals until my husband stopped at the store and I had him grab me some coconut bliss ice cream, and I ate some of the chocolate I had purchased. Yesterday was mother's day and my family and I made some paleo crepes and whipped coconut cream for breakfast, I added honey to the whipped cream, and then ate my weight in pineapple and strawberries. We went fishing and I came home and ate the rest of the chocolate bar and 1/4 of the coconut bliss icecream.


It is clear to me that just as in the recovery world i have what is referred to as AV (alcoholic voice) that rears it's ugly head every once in a while, in the food world I have a sugar dragon. And i believe the battle I am about to have with the sugar dragon is of epic proportions!


The sugar dragon is more stealth and manipulative than my AV ever was.


I'm going to treat this whole100 much like a sugar detox. Green bananas and green apples are all the fruit I will be eating.


No dried fruit.

No berries.


Thank you for reading, I hope to get to know so many of you!







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Hi, just finished my Whole100. I too have been a work in progress since my first Whole30 April 2014. Did a Whole60 then and had hits and misses til I fell flat on my face and wallowed in the swill... I have to say, the whole experience has been life changing for me and amazing learning experience. My reintro this time is going to be a very slow roll. Honestly, I have lost any desire for anything that I haven't eaten for the last 100+ days. I do want to reintro just to know how the foods affect me, I have to admit, some of my reluctance stems from my reaction to legumes on first go round reintro. For me they are a definite no go.

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I did a Whole 100 from Jan 1 to April 10.  It was amazing.  Liberating.  I can't say I had a sugar addition quite as bad as yours but sugar is definitely got me under it's thumb.  Since being done I haven't felt the need to indulge in anything sweet.  I have had a few desserts here and there but not the feeling like I needed to run out and eat a bag of skittles (my favorite).


I still have a long way to go health-wise and weight loss-wise so I started another 30 days last Monday the 4th.  However I fell off the wagon Saturday at a bridal shower where there wasn't a single food item that was compliant.  Not a piece of fruit or a veggie tray.  I cracked under the pressure and at all sorts of non-compliant foods.  So, here I am restarting again today.  I did find myself craving some ice cream last night knowing that I was going to do a "restart" but I had such a gut ache from eating bread that I couldn't even eat ice cream.


100 days isn't difficult if you are committed to it.  If I can do it, I think you can do it.

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