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2nd Whole30, this time without sleep deprivation


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On day 7 of my 2nd Whole30. I learned that chocolate sends me down a slippery slope to sugar consumption after my last one. So, I'm looking for a reset and an opportunity to heal the gut and improve an auto-immune disease. Normally I eat pretty clean, but several unexpected trips and a vacation in the last few months has put me in the spot of having other people provide food for me consistently. Now that I have control over my options again, I'm diving in for healing and overall health.


Day 7 has caught me off guard. I feel more moody than normal and am definitely hoping this passes asap. 


Breakfast: spicy chicken and kale with squash (OnceAMonthMeals Oct 2014 freezer cooking menu, Wh30 Compliant). 

Lunch: berries, bacon, turkey bites, guac., fermented carrots. so.very.hungry.


dinner: wild boar sausage w/ marinara and zu-noodles. 


It's definitely time to get some extra sleep tonight.



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If you're moody, you might benefit from adding more starchy vegetables every day. I see there's some in your breakfast, but you might want more. And if you're hungry, please, eat! Really, this is not about starving yourself or limiting calories or any of that. The meal template is the minimum amount you should eat. Depending on your activity level and things like where you are in your cycle, you really may need even more. We want you to give your body all the healthy, nourishing food it needs to do all the things it needs to do. Typically, most women seem to be even hungrier than normal the week before and week of their period -- if it's possibly around that time, don't be surprised if you find you need a lot more food than you think seems reasonable. It's okay, eat plenty of starchy vegetables and other food, and just know that it will go back to normal in a week or so.


Also, I'm not sure if you just didn't list it, or if you're not adding it -- but breakfast and dinner don't seem to have any fat. I know there was probably some used for cooking, but a lot of the fat you use for cooking stays in the pan. Fat is really what will help you stay satiated for 4-5 hours between meals. Feel free to add more -- more guac, or some olives, or mayo, or drizzle your vegetables with olive or sesame oil, or find some sauces or dips that look good -- The Clothes Make The Girl has a bunch of options, or Nom Nom Paleo, or just google W30 sauces and you should get a lot of options, although you'll have to read the recipes and make sure they're really compliant. 

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