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Hey Gang!


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Hey all!


I am on Day 8 of Whole30 and feeling good! I am off to buy 'Well Fed' after work to gain some more recipe ideas and variety. I have to say I am very surprised with this program... I had cravings the first few days or so, but now I'm good. I also figure I've come too far now to turn around ;) But honestly, I am a huge wine lover and I am shocked at how quickly I got over not having it! Peace out, vino!


I am a former fitness competitor so I am well versed in the area of "what you can and cannot eat" and therefore I am used to digging deep for discipline. However that means I am also used to making the best of it, letting the "cannots" go, being creative with food and focusing on the good - which there is a lot of! Of course I admittedly miss some things like oatmeal and brown rice... but we'll have to wait and see how reintroduction goes. ;)


Anyways... nice to be there! Look forward to making some bad-ass WholeFriends!





PS: I'm in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Also tracking my whole30 on Instagram & twitter: @ashyvr. Come say hi!

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