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Have to do this

Jimmy Larsson

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Have been paleo for a few months now and I can already see some improvements on my skin. Acne is going away when i´m strict and it´s like the best feeling ever! Can really feel that my skin is clearing up when I'm eating clean and healthy food for a few days. But unfortunately there are some bad days every now and then. And those days really makes me break out the day after that.

In a way it feels good that I know what causes my acne and what to do about it. But knowing it and not being able to get rid of it is making me crazy. So it´s about time to make a serious attempt to get rid of it all. Pretty sure that the whole30 will do the trick!

Today is my second day and I´ll click the "I did it! Another Whole30 day in the bank." in the Whole30 Daily when i´m finished writing this.

I hope I´ll be able to upload a photo on my face by September 30.

Reports will follow!

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