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Timing pre/post meal workouts


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So I need some advice with timing my pre/post workout meals around work and the normal meals. A typical meal timetable (as I work shift patterns it does change slightly week by week) is like this:


08:30 - Meal 1 


09:30 - Start work


13:30 - Work lunch break/Meal 2 


18:00 - Finish work


18:45 - Pre-workout meal


20:00 - Workout


21:30 - Post-workout meal



With this structure it seems that I'm replacing my meal 3 with a combination of pre and post workout meals, which makes me worried that I am not getting the right hormonal balance/calories to sustain the exercise. 


Any tips/advice? I do have a ten minute break at around 16:10, should I be trying to eat a full meal 3 here and keep the pre/post-workout meals. 

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