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I completed my 1st whole30 on April 30th and have been feeling wonderful. Aside from some digestive issues that I finally deciphered (have problems with nuts!) I tallied up my daily meals (to get a sense of my ratios) and found astonishing low amounts of fibre! I eat veggies like there's no tomorrow, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and if I have pre/post workout snacks! They are mostly in form of salad (3 cups at a time) root veggies, broccoli... how do you boost your fibre count without going into legumes? There must be denser fibrous vegetables out there- I would like to at least border 35g and right now am around 15 with all that intake...


Any thoughts?



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Legumes have a relatively small amount of fiber compared to vegetables.  They're mainly carbohydrate.




Roast your vegetables of every kind and you'll increase your fiber.  Salads reduce to micro amounts when digested.  Throw everything but the kitchen sink onto a roasting pan.  Eat 9 cups aday of roasted vege and you'll have your fiber.



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Guest Andria

Why do you want to consume 35 g of fiber per day??  Even conventional wisdom only recommends 25 g of fiber for women.


With that said, a high fiber diet may not be as beneficial as we have been lead to believe. Read the link below.  Since I have changed to Whole30 eating my digestion is worlds better than it was on a high fiber, whole grain diet (think constipation!!).


PS: Don't log your food for any reason! Let the plan work for you! Eat 3 template meals a day that contain 1-2 palms of protein, 1-3 cups of veggies, 1-2 thumbs of fat and you will do fine.

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