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I live in central (regional) Queensland, Australia and I've been looking for a source of pastured dairy so I can make ghee (the only grass-fed ghee I can find is $40 a jar online). I have found an organics delivery service that carries Ivyhome dairy products. I asked what their cows are fed and the response was:

"Our cows are pasture fed, grazing mainly lucerne, clovers and grasses, plus wooly pod vetch during the winter. When there is not enough pasture to feed them both day & night, we feed out hay in a paddock at night, the hay is made from Ivyhome pastures when we have a surplus.

When the cows are being milked we give them 1 kg of cracked barley"

Is this acceptable, even the barley?

Also, may I have some of your opinions on raw dairy?



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Hi Audrie,

I can tell you that my experience with raw dairy before the whole 30 was good. I have been consuming raw dairy for a couple of years and I enjoy it and felt that it was the best dairy option for me. I don't know what I will choose to do once the whole 30 is over, but I will probably reintroduce raw milk and see how it goes.

Most pastired beef in my area is grain finished as well, simply because we don't have enough of some nutrients in our soil here... Specifically selenium.

As far as if you should use the butter you get from those cows to make your own ghee, I would think that would be prefectly acceptable but a moderator might have more insight.

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