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Heartburn, tummy trouble.. what gives?

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Hi guys! Hoping for some advice/support. I'm on Day 12 of my first Whole30 and am coming from a more vegetarian-type diet, and since starting my Whole30, I've been having lots of heartburn, bloating & constipation. I normally don't get heartburn unless I eat something crazy like pepperoni pizza. I'm also just not feeling any "energy magic."


Is it possible this food plan is just not fit for my chemistry? Help! Here's an example of what I've been eating:


M1: Chicken & apple sausage, scrambled eggs, fruit, coffee

M2: Cauli "fried rice" with chicken, veggies, coconut aminos

M3: Grass-fed burger with avocado, sweet potato, veggies 

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Eating protein, veggies and good fats are how our bodies were designed to function.  The fact that some folks have trouble with that at the outset is not so much because it doesn't fit with their chemistry but because they have modified their chemistry (read: gut bacteria) over time with sub optimal foods.


If you have come from a vegetarian background and are now eating more animal proteins you may require a digestive enzyme in the short term to help you with digestion while your body rebalances.  You would probably also benefit by adding some fermented products (kimchi, kombucha, sauerkraut) to get some good probiotics in there.


Energy "magic" often does not come by Day 12.  Check out our timeline linked in my signature below and remember, this is for 30 days, sometimes depending on where you were before Whole30, it will take the full 30 days or even a few more beyond that to get right into the groove of system balance.  Hormone, blood sugar and digestive balance is what brings the magic.  :)

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Your meals look great! Are you also including enough fat with each meal? You didn't specify.


How is your sleep? You will need to get enough in order to have a shot at the Tiger Blood phase!


What about your water intake? If you're having a little heartburn, drink it after your meal, not during.


You might also try skipping your coffee one morning to see if that helps. I know, I know, but you can always add it back once you've determined it isn't causing your heartburn.


You can do this!

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