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My journey started 23 days ago. Blood pressure at 175/90, weight highest ever, hated my world in my new PCP's office. She suggested what she was doing and told me point blank, I was not going to like how I felt in week 2 but follow thru, it is so worth it.

Looked up Whole30 on the web and went head first the next morning. Stayed very simple every day, protein, vegetables and fruit, but a different variety every day. I can honestly say, I HAVE HAD NO CRAVINGS! I don't miss any food left behind for this 23 days, not one. I was concerned about the extra meal when I go to the Y, 5 days a week, but that fit right in too. Olives & a small portion of protein from last night on the way there & more protein and spinach leaves works for the ride home.

Now week 2, if not forwand I would have walked away. Headache, bowels not cooperating, tired - what happened to all that energy last week? Well it all straightened out, was pleasantly rewarded by sticking with it. Energy is sky high, no cravings, blood pressure 126/72, don't have to unbutton my jeans to take them off, just to name a few. I am definitely going Whole6044

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