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Day 3 and feeling GREAT!


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Hello W30 World!


I started my W30 on Monday, May 11, and so far so good! I read It Starts with Food about 3 weeks ago and since then I've been spreading the Whole30 word and reading up as much as I can to prepare myself for my own Whole30. I already had a vacation planned last weekend so I had set my calendar to start afterward on May 11. I think the fact that I had been eating pretty closely to W30 for a few weeks beforehand has made it a bit easier. 


I don't have any specific health issues, but I've been steadily gaining weight since I graduated from undergrad and I know its a slippery slope if I don't get my health under control when I'm still young. My family has a pretty terrible heart health history and mine and my family's relationship with food has always been unhealthy. I sent my dad and mom a link to the It Starts with Food ebook and my dad jumped on board almost immediately. It took some convincing with my mom, but I think they both realize that they don't really have anything to lose by doing this. They started yesterday and we'll be helping each other stay accountable. 


So far it has been great. I even ate out last night at a work event and was able to find a delicious meal that was satisfying and healthy. And I've been talking about the Whole30 at work and I've got at least one coworker on board! 


Thank you all for the support! It's great to have so many resources at my disposal in order to ensure my success!  

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