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Carbs after workout

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I currently do the pre-workout and post-workout meals for my weight training in which I have my protein and sweet potato. I have added cycling to my workouts- I cycle in to work (30 mins) and  back home (30 mins), I wouldn't call these intense workouts by any means, but does get me sweating and my heart rate up.  I do find myself hungry between breakfast and my pre-workout around lunch...


Basically it looks like this:


Breakfast 7am

3 fried eggs in a bit of ghee

1/2 avocado

3 cups lettuce

some blueberries on top




Pre-workout 11am

Chicken + dab of primal mayo + some veggies




Post-Workout/Lunch 13h30

Chicken breast

Sweet potato

baby kale and chard


Afternoon snack (before riding home) 15h30

Vegetables, 1 hard boiled egg, mayo




Dinner 19hr

Chicken breast


Roasted carrots


Any recommendations?



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Up the size of your meal one & switch the fruits for more veg?

Fruits first thing are often reported to cause a spike in blood sugar & then have you feeling hungry soon after which might explain why you're not making it to preWO without feeling hungry...


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