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slow roll?

Gina S.

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You will find links for both by googling Whole30....reintro vs. the Slow Roll.   There are many links instructing how to go about the original Reintro process. 







Fear Not!

Note, there’s a difference between being afraid to change anything, and not feeling the need to change anything. The former (being afraid) is not our intention. The Whole30 is designed to teach you how foods interact with your unique body and brain, so you can take that information out into the real world and apply it in a fully sustainable fashion—riding your own bike, as we call it. To stay on the Whole30 indefinitely out of fear is missing the whole point of our program. Is the idea of eating a small piece of your Mom’s once-a-year holiday dessert (your favorite food ever) giving you anxiety? Do you really want to reintroduce something you’ve been missing (cream in your coffee, hot buttered popcorn on movie night, or a glass of wine on date night) but you just won’t let yourself? Do you feel lost, without a sustainable plan for eating in the real world, because you’re notreally on the Whole30, but you won’t really come off it, either? If this is your story, then hold on the rest of this advice and read the above-referenced Ride Your Own Bike article first. You need to get over that fear, because it’s holding up your progress! You’ll never find a healthy, balanced, sustainable way to eata way that works for youif you blindly follow our rules for the rest of your life.

- See more at: http://whole30.com/2014/09/dear-melissa-slow-reintroduction-roll/#sthash.5XrPBICY.dpuf



Slow Roll worked for me and any reintroduction is better than no Reintro at all.   I've watched too many fall back into old patterns on Day 31 and beyond, only to return wishing they'd completed the Reintro Protocol...going very slooooowly.  

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Gina, as I'm sure you've gathered by now, Meadow is the Queen of the ultra slow-roll re-intro. :-)


What I've gleaned from reading around is that the re-intro order is defined for a reason because it's the path from (typically) least-to-most-likely items to cause problems. You can, however, reintro in whatever order you want, but the key is keeping ingredients very separate during each trial day, and then going back to 100% clean eating for 2 or more days to assess any impacts on mind/body/etc. Super slow-roll can extend that 2-day return to W30-compliant for much longer, and tends to not introduce all groups back in, esp. if you already know there are some you have issues with or don't want any longer.


For example, I may reintro regular butter, but I won't reintro other dairy at this point because I know I have issues with lactose and possibly casein. Legumes for me will be only chickpeas and black beans. Grains will be just fresh kernel corn. I know if I want to reintro other things in the future, I have a clean W30 methodology go fall back on so I can tell what causes problems.


Hope this helps. :-)

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