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Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill


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Any thoughts on their "Power Plates"?


Basically choose a meat: Steak,Chicken, Salmon, Tofu or Shrimp (all meat is organic)


Then a side: Grilled or steamed veggies, steamed broccoli, yucatan yams (also rice an beans, but those are out)

Web: www.sharkys.com

Allergen list: http://www.sharkys.com/sharkys_allergens_031213.pdf

Menu: http://www.sharkys.com/assets/menus/sharkys-take-out-menu-1214.pdf

Nutrition: http://www.sharkys.com/calculator/index.php/wraps/index


I love the yams but they are sweetened with the tiniest amount of agave (the owner told me 10oz to 10lbs), so in keeping strict, I will keep them out of my choices.


Seems nothing wrong with steak, shrimp or chicken and some steamed broccoli and steamed veggies?





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You really must check with them on what oils they use for cooking and what marinades or sauces they use on the meat.  The allergen list is a nice start but there are things that Whole30 doesn't allow which are not actual allergens; corn, sugar, MSG, carrageenan etc.  You have to ask.

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