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Day 11 When does the "magic" happen?


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Today is Day 11. My blood pressure is lower than it has ever been, but I haven't felt that shazam roar of magic that I read about. When does that happen?


Today I ate eggs and Chocolate Chili with Spinach (my usual), and a tangerine (are they too much of a sweet?)


Lunch:  Salmon/Sweet Potato Cake with mayo


Dinner:  Salmon/Sweet Potato Cake with mayo; Artichoke


Lots of tea, water, and homemade Kambucha


Any tips for the end of week two?


Any advice is appreciated.



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Many people don't feel the magic until the second half of their whole30, sometimes not even until the last few days. It all depends on where you started from and how big a change this is from how you were eating before.

As for your food, it seems low on vegetables. Your lunch only has the sweet potato in the salmon cake, you definitely need more than that. You may need more than one salmon cake too, depending on the size and how much salmon is actually in one cake.

When the meal template says to fill the rest of your plate with vegetables, it really means it.

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Note also that the "magic" can be much more subtle than the blow on the back of the head that some people experience.  Sometimes the magic is just about feeling....good.  Solid.  Content, calm, satisfied.  Sometimes the "extra energy" is about having the motivation & oomph to sweep the floor and water the gardens after dinner rather than riding the couch.  


You really aren't eating enough though, if they are the salmon cakes from Well Fed/ISWF, that is more like a 3 cake dinner and you really do need the veggies.  The meal template is directly tied to the magic you seek.  Eat up!

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