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Hi Everybody!!


I was 14 days into another food cleanse - sort of the one in Suzanne Somers book Tox-Sick  - when a friend of mine told me about The Whole 30 and the great results she was seeing before she blew the whole thing off for a margarita, fish tacos and chocolate thunder. I stopped reading the Suzanne Somers book when I realized the woman is obsessed with coffee enemas and recommends (and sells ) at least 290 different supplements.  I can deal with the no sugar, no carbs part of the process, but coffee is not entering my body any way but through the mouth!


I am too old to be making myself sicker (I have asthma, acid reflux, blood pressure threatening to rise again and cholesterol that makes my doctor write scripts I refuse to fill) (oh, and like Bridget Jones, a tad overweight) (I'm lying about the "tad") and I am definitely ripe for a lifestyle change.  I have been rewarded with some positive changes from my present food cleanse but instead of doing a re-intro at the end, I'm going to segway into the Whole 30.


I am sneaking in some Whole 30 changes already so it will not be a big shock to my system when I go whole hog whole 30. I have switched us to Coconut milk for our coffee and gave away all the cheese in the fridge. Poor hubby loves the cheese and cannot understand why the cheese cupboard is bare. (Whaddya mean you gave away the cheese? What did the cheese ever do to you?)  I have banished all dairy from our lives and now I'm shunning anything with soy product in it.


I will be finished with my first 30 day cleanse on May 23 and will start The Whole 30 on May 24. My hubby will really be surprised when he finds himself along for the ride!


In the meantime, I am enjoying IT STARTS WITH FOOD and can't wait to delve into TW30 and onto healthier golden years. Well, I CAN wait for the golden years. I just hope to be in tip top shape when I get there!!


I love reading all of your posts and wish you all the best of luck with your great decision to change your lives!!





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