May 16th - my family and I will start on Monday


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Well I decided yesterday that we would start for the first time and commit to the 30 days. Today I cleaned out the fridge and pantry of all or any temptations. Today I re-read all the guidelines etc. Today made a meal plan for Week 1. Today I started my food prep for Week 1. made balsamic dressing, marinaded chicken souvalaki, made mixed nut bars as a snack. These were my goals for today. Tomorrow I will shop for veggies and fruit. and a few pantry items that I need for the week. Looking forward to getting back on track with clean eating!! Real Food!!!

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Hi Noelle,

Congrats on starting soon. We really discourage snacking in general and snacking on nuts or dried fruits is especially detrimental to the whole process. We recommend building your meals to keep you satisfied for 4-5 hours and eating nothing in between. Nuts are problematic because they can be hard on people's digesetive systems, they are out of balance in their fatty acid profile and for many, many people, they are a food with no brakes meaning folks over eat them. Nuts are considered a fat source.

Check out the meal template below for tips on how to create your meals so that you don't require snacks. If you do find yourself hungry between meals (ie, you could eat something bland like steamed fish and broccoli), eat a mini meal of at least protein and fat but ideally also veggies.

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