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Day 1 TODAY!


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Hello!  This is technically my 3rd Whole30.  Last June, I was tired of being overweight and thought the Whole30 was the answer.  I did it for 60 days, successfully.  I lost a ton of weight and inches.  I was proud of myself.  However, I didn't have the right mindset.  I only did it to lose weight.  After my Whole60, I didn't reintroduce food back correctly and I went off the deep end.  I gained all the weight back, plus some. 


This month, I went to my doctor and got a physical.  It's been years (probably 5-6) since I've been to the doctor for an annual exam.  I was nervous, because my cholesterol the last time was a little over 200.  Well, turns out my cholesterol dropped significantly, BUT I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  While this makes me feel a little better about my weight gain, it scared the bejesus out of me.  The doctor asked me if I wanted to treat or wait 6 months for a follow up.  I decided to wait and do some research.  Everything points to doing the Whole30 and committing to this lifestyle. So, I prepped and planned and read the new book!  I am ready and just started today :)   I am really excited this time because I'm making it a lifestyle change.  It's not about losing weight anymore....it's about my health.  So, I am committing to a Whole180 until I go back to the doctor for my follow up.  Fingers crossed that new, awesome habits will be made!

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