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Happy without added sugar - beet and walnut salad


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This is my last week on my first Whole30, and I hope to continue this lifestyle well beyond the initial 30 days. I feel healthier, stronger, happier and so much more in sync with my own body. I have learned to listen to my body, but at the same time not caving into unhealthy cravings.


One of the many things I have learned so far in this adventure is that recipes often include sugar for no reason. For those who have eliminated added sugar from their diets, there is no need to add a tablespoon of sugar or honey here or there in a recipe. Today I was making a roasted beet and walnut salad (from the cookbook 'Balaboosta') which called for a tablespoon of honey in the dressing. Instead of adding the honey, I added orange slices along with the orange zest that the recipe called for. Bamm! Delicious!


This shows how being attuned to your body, and eating a natural and whole diet can make you sensitive to real flavors, instead of having to pile on additional unnecessary ingredients.




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