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Getting back on track. May 17 = Day 1!


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Hello everyone!


I did my first Whole 30 in August 2012. As with so many others, it changed the way I view food forever. I did a couple more W30s after that, and mostly stuck to the template for the next two years.


In September 2014 I became pregnant. I took a diving leap off the wagon as the cravings and aversions took hold. Pizza and orange juice were fixtures in my life for several weeks. My wagon was nowhere in sight as I traveled to South America and tried (unsuccessfully) to avoid getting sick by sticking to foods that I thought were less risky.


In December 2014 I had a miscarraige at 13 weeks. We came home. I started eating nutrient dense food again, but the holidays were tough emotionally and I consoled myself with plenty of cookies and wine. After the new year there were more life changes, moving to a new city, new jobs for both my husband and myself, and grief over my lost pregnancy.


Over the past few months I tried not to worry so much about what I was eating, figuring it was causing me more stress than I needed. But I can no longer deny that my diet has strayed much farther from the clean eating style I had embraced, and that I'm paying for it in the form of extra lbs, bloating, tiredness, and all around feeling gross.


Last month I put myself back in therapy for my grief and resulting anxiety. I've also started to focus on exercising more and went mountain biking for the first time yesterday (it was fun!) I've decided it's time to move forward and redevelop healthy habits, and I no longer wish to use my grief or stress over life changes as an excuse to be undisciplined about what I put in my body.


So, it's the perfect time for a Whole30. Today is Day 1. I've done it before, so I know I can do it, and I'm more than ready (especially after overindulging last night in beer and other grain-based foods and sugar.. just to show myself one last time how awful that stuff makes me feel.) This morning I cleaned out the fridge and made a giant batch of clarified butter. My husband is making chicken stock and meat on the pit barrel. The fridge is now full of veggies and fruit from the farmer's market. I have lots of tea for when I am craving "something".. that something will no longer be alcohol or sugar. This past Friday, I took the giant box of lollipops out of my desk at work and set it on a table where it promptly disappeared (I work in an office with hundreds of people), so it won't be there to greet me tomorrow.


While my husband isn't on board with the Whole 30 himself, I've made it clear to him that this is what I need to do right now, and that I need his support, so he's being cooperative. I already know which cabinets I need to avoid to steer clear of his doritos and chocolate chip cookies, and I have the power to do so. My sister and her husband are doing the Whole 30 with me, so it's Day 1 for them also and we can all support each other.


I sure am glad to be back! I'm more than ready to start feeling better again.

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